Cover picture of Unhappiness - Blunted
Unhappiness‘s new EP on Cosmicleaf is a small collection of delightful oddities. At times deep, glitchy, sexy, minimalistic. Intelligent beat­design meets velvet soundcapes. Play it in the background or straight into your ears, different textures will reveal themselves with each listen. Just roll it up and get…blunted. Tracklist: 1. Unhappiness ­ Right To The Soul 2. Unhappiness ­ Life With Aspergers 3. Unhappiness ­ That Life Is Hectic 4. Unhappiness ­ Blunted Cover photo:  Kamchatka Mountain by Dima Popov Additional Artwork: Cosmicleaf Mastered by Unhappiness

Unhappiness – Blunted

This run is dedicated to Michael from the state of Ontario in Canada. Thanks for your donation. My 7th run was the first leg from the hotel I stayed in during my stop-over in Miami. This 8th run was recorded on my way back. Still testing the streaming player. […] Run 8

This run is dedicated to Giancarlo from Griffith (IN) in the USA. Thanks for your donation. I was stopping over in Miami recently for my job. The more I run for, the more I find strength to update the website. During this 10k, I continued to test the […] Run 7

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Bona Fides is a Drum N Bass artist from Berlin (Germany). He has recently released his EP “Liquid Source” on Zuckerkind Music. Tracklist 1-Liquid Source 2- Embrace Me 3- Gedankenverloren Social & Music Select had added these fine tunes on the DNB channel. Thanks to Diego, the label manager […]

Bona Fides – Liquid Source

DJ Cyclope
DJ Cyclope Christophe Donna aka DJ Cyclope was one of Psychedelik Radio’s 1st resident DJ. He managed the Live Sessions at Psychedelik with Naya. Then, he became a psytrance & progressive producer with his Live Act Cristo Disto. We’ve always been in touch since the beginning of the webradio. In […]

DJ Cyclope