Stimulus Timbre - A place we never been
Release info Stimulus Timbre enables new ambient adventures with this new sonic album adventure. A sound art who delivers messages of peace & harmony in a cinematic way created from the talented fingers and mind of this Maltese producer. Blissfully melodies, smooth layers and velvet basslines creating a harmonic enviroment […]

Stimulus Timbre – A place we never been

Solar Seed plays guitar
Solar Seed “Born in 1983, but it was not until 2003 when by chance I met the psychedelic trance. We were lost in a town north of Amsterdam, when suddenly we heard the bom, bom, bom . The sound proceeded from something that seemed to be a church, parked the […]

Solar Seed – Winter Session 2017

The cover of Wrank's new EP Fairy Boogie
WRANK “Fairy Boogie” on NBM Records Official Release Date : 31 August 2017 EP TITLE : Fairy Boogie 1 – Fairy Boogie – Original Mix 2 – Heavy Boogie – Original Mix Wrank is the French young artist called Jesse Vankerrebrouck, already known from his previous releases in infinity Records. […]

Wrank – Fairy Boogie

Santiago Niño - Cosmic Clearance
Mindspring Music Presents: Santiago Niño – Cosmic Clearance [MSM0330] A swirling aura of powerful leads and groovy drum kits push forth a percussive tale in Santiago Niño’s progressive release, “Cosmic Clearance”. With a sublime focus on energetic, electronica elements, this 30-minute EP is destined to mystify any listener to get […]

Santiago Nino – Cosmic Clearance

Mindspring Music Presents: One Arc Degree – Ashore [MSM034] A melodic conjuration of ice-covered harmonies progress into colorful swirls of enchanting, auditory wonder in One Arc Degree’s chillout creation, “Ashore”. As a series of emotional compositions, this comfortably balanced EP mixes somber pads with uplifting bass to bring a beautiful […]

One arc degree – Ashore