Sunrise on Alcatraz
This year,I decided to run for when a donation is made to support our community project. Martin O. from Bonn in Germany is a donor who already helped the webradio the past years. When you manage a project that relies on the generosity of a community, it’s always a  […] Run 10

Servers in a room 1
Our daily listeners have probably noticed that the AmbientByYuman‘s stream was unstable for a couple of weeks. The music drops when we reach a certain range of listeners. After several days of brainstorming, checks and tests, we had a better understanding of the problem. It was due to Shoutcast, the […]

AmbientByYuman in trouble

Thanks to Jorge from Paderborn Schloss Neuhaus (Germany) for his donation. Together, we will keep Psychedelik online and free for all. Support your daily webradio. In 2017, I run for Run 9

The cover of Shogan's album Universe
“Universe is an outstanding album produced by Shogan, the artist that you will love to meet at your local raves in 2017. The best journey of the beginning of this year. Favourite track is Human Psychedelic. #OpenYourMind.” Spiral Trax prepares you to take a cosmic voyage to explore the […]

Shogan – Universe

The album of Takkra is Technicolor Talk
  Takkra is the electronic music project of Hungarian born visual artist, guitarist and producer David Vigh. Former member (2002-2008) of electro rock outfit The Carbonfools, Founder and songwriter of internationally recognised prog-rock band Turbo (2005-), producer of various side projects like Gobi. Takkra’s unique style is characterised by David’s […]

Takkra – Technicolor Talk

Marathon du finistère
Après une journée de régénération, je reprends l’entrainement pour le marathon La Transléonarde avec la 3ème séance du plan. Cette sortie durera 1H10 et sera courue en endurance fondamentale. Mon cardiofréquencemètre Forerunner 235 sera réglé pour ne pas dépasser les 77% de ma FCM. La séance sera cadencée grâce au […]

Transleonarde J-86