MATERIA – Clear Tenor

First, I want to thank Andy aka Materia himself for the promo CD.

  Tracklist :

01. Clear Tenor
02. We Cannot
03. Modulators (with Brainiac)
04. Detonight (with Waio)
05. Gate Down
06. Decoy
07. Panic Sonata (with Illicit)
08. Friendly
09. Help Me (Materia RMX)

A fresh, pumping tunes, for dancefloors’ lovers and DJs.



Andreas Moser is the mind behind the full power psy trance project “Materia”.

Andreas was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria.

His artistic journey began at a young age, fascinated by graphic art and music. During his teen years Materia became interested in advanced graphic design and electronic music production’s software to portray his creative ideas to the max.

Within the last years Andreas decided to move to Vienna , a city filled with creative minds & art where he began the Materia project.

Materia’s music is best described as driving, deep, fullon psychedelic trance with distinct reverberated atmospheres & synth’s.

Now part of the 24/7 Media family he has been the biggest breakthrough artist in the Austrian scene for the past years, producing collaboration tracks with renowned artists such as Earthling, Compressor, Sinerider, Bliss, Brainiac and many more!

Watch out for Materia as he will be rocking the scene for the years to come.

He already preformed numerous times in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary , Italy , UK , Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and he was headlining at UNIVERSO PARALELLO 10.