SEPHIRA is now on the playlist

At the beginning of november, we’ve been contacted by SEPHIRA for music’s broadcasting.

SEPHIRA, a Blue Magnetic Monkey whose tool of choice is Magic and Whose guide is the 4 / 4 beat of the psybient realm.

His first album “Imagination in motion” showcases Sephira’s unique fusion of downtempo ambient spaces utilising twilight overtones and driving, rolling basslines to take you on a journey through psychedelic soundscapes of a playful nature.


01 – Where’s My Map? (120 BPM)
02 – Learning To Walk (120 BPM)
03 – More Than Human (120 BPM)
04 – Memory Access (120 BPM)
05 – Life Changes (130 BPM)
06 – Destiny (125 BPM)
07 – Lost Vegas (125 BPM)
08 – The Beginning Of The End (128 BPM)
09 – Shamans Lullaby (125 BPM)
This album is free and can be downloaded on his website, you’ll have the address below 😉

Someone wrote about him that “If you have ever heard one of his mixes then you know where his passion lies, although this can not prepare you for the unique style laid out in this album.

It’s true, and DJ Yuman and I share this feelings. That’s why Yuman decided to add the mixe “Tales of a muggle wump” to his stream.

“Cerise sur le gateau”, the cherry on the cake is the new album that SEPHIRA has recorded with Semtex Yoyo.

The side-project is called PSYAM and the album is “Another You“.

  Thank you Matt for your music.

We’re really happy to share your vibes with the listeners of because you deserve it.

You give away your music for free, and that’s a good move!

But artists live with live performance and we hope that you will play more often at parties.

Now, it’s time to visit his website and to enjoy more gifts from SEPHIRA.