VADIOM-Noosphere Mix

DJ YUMAN has chosen a new mix for the ambient stream.

DJ VADIOM is coming from the ukrainian psychedelic trance scene.

He became interested in psytrance, goa, suomi, chill-out music in 2005.

The first clubs were he played were the 2000 (Kiev, 2006) and Shot (Krivoy Rog, 2006).

Since 2006, he is a permanent party member and open-air’ov from Euphoriapromo and aslo a frequent guest in the Crimea, Kherson, Krivoy Rog,Dnepropetrovsk.

He’s a frequent guest and friend of Svami Promo (Sevastopol).

He played at Spirit Ritual Dance festival 1-4, Euphoriamania 1-4,Euphoria & Misterika Family – Fenix Fly 1-2 (Crimea), MisterikaFestival 1-2 (Crimea), the festival Magic Dew 2 (Crimea), ChronicleDrevnostI 1-3 from Svami group (Sevastopol), Full Moon Elves (ARC),All-pervading Love (Kherson).

Now he plays old \ new school goa and psychill music.

He wanted to share his vibes with the community of

Let there be light!