Carboneids-Anthems to the twilight vol.1

MellowJet Records has released Anthems to the twilight vol. 1 on january 7th.

I want to thank Bjorn for sharing his music with the listeners of DJ YUMAN has selected some tracks from this E.P to add them to the chill-out stream.

Who are Carbone ids?

Carboneids consist of Claus Lynglund and Bjørn Jeppesen. (Also known for his solo releases under the name “Nattefrost”.)

All hardware & software synthesizers, vocoders, guitars and other various equipment played by Carboneids.

All tracks composed, performed and produced by Carboneids.




Anthems to the twilight vol.1

This 5 track EP was recorded between 2006 and 2011 at Nattefrost Studio & HZ Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark and mastered in February 2011 at KZI Studio, Russia by Alisa Coral.


1-Anthems to the twilight.



4-Realisation path.

5-The loner.

More about Carboneids

The Danish band Carboneids has been releasing music since 1998. The music is very melodic and sometimes also very dreamy. The fans often claim that it sounds a bit similar to bands like Kraftwerk
and Telex.

Synthsyg” was released in October 2005. On this record Carboneids mix elements from sequencer driven synthesizer music with electro sounds and on some tracks also vocoded vocals.
In April 2006 Carboneids were given an award from the Danish music collective “My Music”.

With “Anthems to the twilight Vol. 1” Carboneids show a more dark and melancholic side of themselves. Even it’s still really melodic and catchy the music and overall mood on “Anthems….” is
more dark and sombre.

Carboneids are also quite active when it comes to live shows. In 2008 they performed in Wuppertal, Germany and in 2009 & 2010 they visited lots of venues in Denmark and Sweden.