Funk Truck – Disturbed

The greek label Phoenix Groove Records has released the EP Disturbed by Funk Truck.


1-Funk Truck feat.Synthetic Pulse-Disturbed

2-Funk Truck-Build Up

Release date:

Out in January 2012.


“Phoenix Groove up until now always tried to add this extra step…

…upon classic trance elements, and Funk Truck EP is here to prove it.

With many imprints around the globe it was a matter of time until we close the deal with these guys.

We call it synth pop futuristic trance storming from the first glimpse in both tracks, giving a full throttle energy almost ready to burst.

Acid bass lines and uplifting drums are mixed and matched perfectly giving that extra push on these gems. Basically this is an installation with a punk attitude, with no further needless arrangements, just 101 percent energy for body moving. This one will defo tickle your spine effortless with its surprising lushness and warmth.”

About the label:

You can visit their website at thanks Lena and the Phoenix Groove Records crew for sharing the promo.