Bloodroot Kids on the ambient stream

Bloodroot Kids comes from Portland (USA).

This music project was created by Nick Green and his brother Aaron.

They play live as a DJ/Drummer/Singer/and Keyboardist, and their music is original.

As Nick said : “We have put out a handful of songs, though most of them are not trance, and they have vocals. All the same, we are open-minded, and we listen to your ambient station a lot!”

We try to open the chill-out stream to artists from the outside of the psytrance scene.

Nick sent his track “Blood Root Dub” a couple of weeks ago. He picked up this track from his album and DJ Yuman added it to the playlist.

We loved their track, we thought that you might like it as well.

Bloodroot Kids often give their songs to DJs to remix, please contact them.

If you’d like to hear more, check out:

Keep dubbing!