Consciousness Federation on the ambient stream welcomes the duo Consciousness Federation.

Recently, they sent us their tracks to share them with the listeners of the chill-out stream.

DJ Yuman has selected and added some of them to the playlist.

Who is Consciousness Federation?

The electronic based duo Consciousness Federation are Kostas Akparidis and Kostas Loukovikas.

They first met in seminars of sound technology and soon after they started to compose and produce electronic down tempo music.

The music features ambient, atmospheric melodies grafted with a ubiquitous space/surreal feeling.

Their sound is rich in elements deeply rooted in the 70’s psychedelic and progressive rock music, beautifully merged in today’s aesthetics and standards.


Their releases







In 2010, their 1st EP was Plasma on Synergetic Records, an Austrian ambient label.

It was followed the same year by their 2nd EP was Terrestrial Intelligence on Uxmal Records, a Mexican music label.

In 2011, they were back on Uxmal Records with their EP called Extrospection.

They will release again on April 3rd, 2012 on Uxmal Records.

This upcoming EP will be Nocturnal.

You will discover their new downbeat atmosphairic tracks “Nocturnal” and “The greatest story ever told”.






 Live Performance:

The live performance of Consciousness Federation varies from time to time, accompanied by analog instruments, vocals and video projections giving a unique audio and visual guide of mind-expanding journeys to distant spaces.

During this period, they’ve played in events and festivals such as  Aurora Festival, Utopian Technologies (Void Network Festivals), Small Music Theatre (Athens), F.E.X (Culture House of Xanthi) and in live radio broadcasts.

Currently in collaboration with the Astronomy club of East Macedonia, they performed along with planet observations by long rage telescopes.

How to contact Consciousness Federation?

By email:

Or you can check their website: