DOORS OPEN II: Tracks added to the playlist

In january 2012, we announced the new compilation DOORS OPEN II from the label 24/7.


This digital compilation has 6 tracks.

1-Spectra Sonics & Space Vision-UFO Ride

2-2012-Invisible World

3-Hypnoise-Dream Symbols

4-Mechanimal & Continuem-Xeno

5-Cylon-The other side of life.

6-Nanotech & InLakEch-Cielab.

Our friends from Austria have just released this powerful selection and we thank them for sharing some tracks with the webradio.

100% psytrance, so you should find them on this stream 😉


Doors Open II starts with the excellent UFO Ride. One of the finest track of the beginning of 2012. This track is a collaboration between the brazilian Space Vision who have already released 16 tracks and the japanese Spectra Sonics. You have just made one of the great track of the year my friends. I love to listen to your UFO Ride again and again. I’m sure we will hear from you later this year. Keep it up! Multo bom! Sugoï desu ne!

Then, it’s time to fly to Sao Paulo in the great country of Brazil! 2012 aka DJ Diksha/DJ Edu is showing us his Invisible World. Nice bassline and effects. And it’s only the beginning.

Transition is made. Let’s discover Hypnoise and his Dream Symbols. Strong bassline, full-on for dancefloors, multiple effects. Hypnoise is the duo project of Jaime Camara (Jimmy) and Juan Fontoira aka Delysid. Psytrance from Madrid (Spain). Very good vibrations.

More power with the atmospheric track Xeno by Mechanimal and Contineum. Mechanimal are Nick Sagar House and Junior Oliveira from London (U.K). They’ve started their live performances in 2009 and they’ve just recorded a nice set at the Universo Parallelo festival in Brazil.

Back to the 143 BPM range.. with the track of Cylon called the other side of life. Cylon aka Takeo Namiki is a psytrance artist from Japan. You thought that psytrance was dead in Japan. For sure, the closure of Quintrix was a bad news. Where to hang out now in Tokyo? 🙂 But the compilation Doors Open II shows me that the cool Japanese psytrancers couldn’t stay away from the worlwide scene for long time. So, Cylon is now an artist from the Grasshopper Records label. JAPAN is back! 🙂

Unfortunately, I hadn’t had the chance to listen to the full track Cielab produced by Nanotech and InLakEch.

Anyway, this compilation available only on digital was released by the label 24/7 and these guys are going in the right direction!