Drum and Bass streams goes Live

Welcome fellow travelers,

I am a tech engineer who lives in Sydney, also a classical qualified musician.
Over the years I have become a keen listener of many Drum’n’Bass flavours, during this period of time I have gathered many interesting tracks that gives me positive energy in my day to day journeys, I hope that you share a similar view.

I am also fan of a broad range of electronic tech genre’s (new and old) such as trance, psy, hardcore, including darker styles during the late hours.

This stream is a collection of tracks and mixes gathered since the mid 90’s that have been manually tweaked and eq’d for maximum listening pleasure before distortion. The quality of your sound system is the only limitation. 🙂

Thanks go out to to our friends Bertrand and Sylvain for providing a rock solid platform to deliver streams of pure audio bliss.

Enjoy, and stay positive..
We Make It High