Give some fuel for february 2012

10 pm – Brest – Brittany – A glass of Bourgogne Aligoté

This week was overbooked. Hopefully, I wasn’t flying 🙂 It’s time to relax before tomorrow’s broadcast.

And what an event on this saturday! celebrates the release of Everlasting, the new chill-out compilation of Iboga Records.

I want to thank Gaudi for his set and for the announcement he made on his Facebook page.

DJ Yuman has also recorded a new chill-out set called “Stop the grind” that we will stream on february 4th.

The line-up for this online event is available —-


The team will be around in case you need some help during the broadcast.

Please post on the Facebook page of the event. Thanks!






Give some fuel!

February begins and we thank Andrew from Manchester because he just gave some fuel to the community.

I hope that you’ll like your teeshirt.. Anyway, thanks for the support because we need it.

The webradio runs without any commercials on the streams.. Only music!

100% streaming! Free for everyone!

So why should you give some fuel?

Because there are fixed costs such as the streaming licence with SACEM (720 euros per year but the music can flow!).

The team can manage the servers and you know that our time costs nothing.

Please keep on contributing to keep the spirit of the webradio!

No commercials on the streams!

No money for the team!

But I Help the community when I can to KEEP IT UP!

What’s coming next?

We’re working with the aussy label FISH N TRIPS and the next online event will be their night. Dark psytrance!

Luke is gathering some energy from his DJs to present his label.

DJ GIBBANEZ has recorded a set that I’m listening to at the moment. Oulala 😉

We will announce the day of broadcast next monday.





Thanks to the artists who send their music. We listen to every tracks. We try to answer quickly.

If the 1st mail didn’t have a quick answer.. then give us a 2nd chance 😉

Mail again! or msn: “”

Thanks to the listeners of the webradio, to the people who read this and to the Facebook “likers”.

And after the Dacru’s party in Brussels on december 2011.. I think that it’s time to visit our friends from the Northern Europe in may 2012 😉

Have fun!