MECHANIMAL-Live Set at Universo Paralello 11 is proud to stream the Live Set recorded by Mechanimal at the brazilian festival Universo Paralello 11.

I would like to thank Nick Sagar-House and Junior Oliveira, the 2 composers who are behind this psytrance project Mechanimal for sharing this Live.

This set is full of energy and smiles. An enjoyable time and space travel, with nice vocals and breaks, strong full-on basseline, groovy beats.

Recently, they’ve been released on the Doors Open II compilation —> click here!

Who are the guys behind Mechanimal?

The members, Nick & Junior, began their musical journey when they met in London in 2008 where they realised their potential to bring something exciting to the scene. With their shared love for music and different experience, skills & background in the music industry, it formed a powerful collaboration.

Junior started his music journey when he was 16, playing guitar in a rock band back in Brasil. When he was 18 he moved to London to study, thats when he discovered psytrance and fell in love with it. Junior has been passionate about psychedelic music for many years and has been promoting some of the biggest parties in the London psy-trance scene including Electribe, Psy Invasion & Moon Drop.

Nick started music at the age of 13 in Paris where he learned to play the bass and guitar. Over the years he participated and performed in numerous bands covering genres from rock, metal, jazz, new age and urban music. He pursued his passion by moving to London to study a music degree. Shortly after moving to London he was acquired in the dance music scene as a session guitarist in hard dance performing at venues such as Brixton Academy, KOKO and The Fridge where he was inspired to explore the world of music production.

What is Mechanimal?

Mechanimal is a fusion of full on groovy beats, fat funky bass lines and twisted melodic journeys.

They played their first live in October 2009 and have been Performing around London, Europe and Brasil since


I told you that they have been released on the compilation Doors Open II on our partner’s label 24/7.

But you can find more tracks from Mechanimal on these labels.

Mechanimal – Low Rider (Dream Creation Magazine)
Mechanimal – DreamWalker EP (Mutagen Records)
Mechanimal – DreamWalker
Mechanimal vs Coretech – Energy Of Light
E-jekt – Cataclysm [Mechanimal Remix]
Mechanimal Vs Contineum – The Free Man (Revolve Magazine)
Mechanimal Vs Acid Space – Canhamo (SpeedSound Recs VA)
Psibindi vs Mechanimal – Chromatic Space (Aphid Records)
Mechanimal – Ocean House (Catalyst Records)
Mechanimal vs Contineum – Xeno (24/7)

And more are coming on 24/7…. Mechanimal – Cycles & Rhythms, Mechanimal – Beyond Within and Ilai – Virus Theory [Mechanimal Remix].

Any gigs where I can see them?

Olalala! After listening to this great set, I want to go to their dancefloor.

Pumping and jumping are the master keys of this young and incredible psytrance project.

Really close, if you’re a lucky Spanish trancer, you can party at Seville N Trance.

They will present their new tracks, unreleased tunes that we always love to share on the dancefloor with our favourite artists.

Mechanimal is one of the most energetic project from the new wave of psytrance.

Keep it up guys!

Your music rocks the dancefloor and I love it! 🙂







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To Mechanimal for the set and nice contact.
To James Allen Brockes for the pictures taken from their FB