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In 2007, Roy Tilbor aka ROCKY released his debut album “A thread of light” on Chemical Crew.

This album contains 9 previously unreleased tracks, all of them on the progressive side of trance.

In this album you can also find 2 collaborations that were made by rocky, one is a track he did with Nok and one is a remix he did for Ace Ventura.

The beginning of an epic journey for this great artist.

In 2009, ROCKY released “Loading in progress”, a most wanted compilation on Phonokol Records.

Rocky who’s debut album ‘A Thread of Light’ – which preceded his 2 highly successful compilations Psychedelic High 1 and 2 – was conceder a brilliant achievement in its cutting edge production and musical style and many of the tracks in the album were remixed by artists such as Ace Ventura, Manuel Duego and more.


In June 2011, Echoes Records released “Keyboard Wipeout”, the 2nd album of ROCKY.

The new album is a real musical treat.

In total there are 9 previously unreleased gems ranging from blissful morning anthems to solid progressive stompers and groovy afternoon-tunes.

Also included on the album are collaborations with the trendsetting Ace Ventura (the two also have a joint project called Easy Riders) as well as the upcoming new Israeli name Sphera.

And more tracks!

Rocky also released several tracks on the major psytrance labels.


Psysex and Rocky – Japanese Awa (Time and Space Part.3 – Maia Records)

Rocky – Tsufi Time (Psychedelic High – Chemical Crew)


Psysex and Rocky – Japanese Awa (DNA Remix) (The next generation – Phonokol Records)

Rocky – Gioto (compilation Chemical Playground – Chemical Crew)

Rocky-Fleeting Glimpse (Turbulence – Chemical Crew)


Rocky vs. Galactika-Global Air (Monster Edit) (Shiva-Medium Records)


Ace Ventura – R.I.S.E (Rocky Remix) (Re:Boot – Iboga Records)

Rocky – Priority (Timetable – Blue Tunes)

Rocky – Largetto (Nok Remix) (Tshitraka Project 5 – Blue Tunes)


Rocky- Technics Bla (Midimal Remix)

“Borderline” was compiled by Echoes Records label head DJ Osho, a highly talented and experienced DJ, with an international DJ career, considers one of the leading Israeli Progressive DJ’s in the world.

“Borderline” is a beautiful collection of first class Progressive music from some of the most skilled and well known artists of the international circuit, such as Ace Ventura, Rocky, Flowjob, Lish, Bitmonx and DJ Fabio, Earsugar and RPO along side, solid newcomers such as Midimal, Quantize, Motion Drive, Alter Breed and Virb and Padd.


Rocky-Naked eyes (On-Blacklite Records)

Rocky and Tegma-Tsatsiki and Hummus (Crosslink 2 – Iboga Records)


Ace Ventura and Captain Hook – The Jolly Roger (Rocky remix) (Plusquam Records)

Motion Drive -Dropout (Rocky Remix) (Motion Drive- Recycled – Iono Music)

Rocky and Sphera – Frontside (Dance Computer – Iboga)


Double Click vs. Rocky – Analog Surfer (Double Click-Limited Edition -Com.Pact Records)

Discography of his side-project “Easy Riders”


In June 2010, Echoes Records released the compilation “Digital Beings” selected by Easy Riders.

On this compilation, Rocky Tilbor and Yoni Oshrat aka Ace Ventura have handpicked no less than 9 previously unreleased tunes, combining basically all the best ambassadors for the powerful psyprog sound.

From influential trendsetters FREq and Earsugar (Liquid Soul and Human Element) to rocking Israeli acts like Quantize and Ritmo and Gaudium from Sweden.



Easy Riders – Kelman Gates (Double Click Remix) (Double Click-Limited Edition – Com.Pact Records)