DJ YUMAN – The son of Flynn

This week, we promised you that we’ll add more chill-out mixes on the playlist.

Here is the new set of DJ YUMAN called ‘the son of Flynn’.


Daft Punk-The Grid
Yestegan ChaY-Stormekanika
ZerO One-Reality (01 RemiX)
Wes Beanz-The One Two (Twin Shape Remix)
N4M3-Life Leaves The Choice (Original Mix)
Puff Dragon-Sympathetic Resonance
Daft Punk-The Son of Flynn
ZerO One-Dreams (01 RemiX)
Iacchus-Fire In The Equations
Gaudi-Kimiyaa E Moraad
Omauha-This World
Polar Snares-Lucky egg
Sanathana-The Tree That Swayed Me
Kick Bong-Voice Of Ressurection Remix