FM Booking session: MUTe discography

Next monday (MAY 1ST 2012), welcomes MUTe for the exclusive FM Booking session!

Join us there —–> Facebook event <C.L.I.C.K>

Before this incredible broadcast, let’s start with…

MUTe’s discography

March 2009: Their debut album “ON/OFF” on Iono Music



3-MUTe-Slow weed nights


5-MUTe-Ball 27


7-Buttersonic-Ear peaks (Mute rmx)

8-MUTe-Doing his Magic

9-MUTe-Where is Eitan?


July 2010: “Mechanizm Reworks” on Iono Music

1-Mechanizm (2010 Rework)

2-Mechanizm (Alon Brilant aka Suntree rmx)

3-Mechanizm (EgoRythmia rmx)

4-Mechanizm (Future Radio rmx)

5-Mechanizm (Yoake rmx)

6-Mechanizm (Ace Ventura rmx)

7-Mechanizm (Invisible Reality rmx)

8-Mechanizm (Flegma and Nerso rmx)

9-Mechanizm (Funk Truck rmx)

10-Mechanizm (N.A.S.A. rmx)

More tracks on various compilations such as…

November 2006: Compilation Bass Your Ass

MUTe-Full Off



May 2007: Compilation Frames

“MUTe-Searching 4




December 2007: Drums and roses

“MUTe-Slow Mooovz”



May 2008: Compilation Grand Slam

“Ritmo-Blue Connection (MUTe rmx)



July 2008: Compilation Violent Diamond

“MUTe-Cold Case (Re Edit)”




October 2008: Destinations 2

“Timedrained-Bob Jackson (Mute rmx)



March 2009: Deep Electric Hypnosis

“MUTe-Desert Times”

“Eitan Reiter Vs. MUTe-Home Made”


June 2009: Compilation Pathfinder

“MUTe-Space n time (Ritmo rmx)



September 2009:Kaempfer and Dietze-Shear Force The Remixes”

“Kaempfer&Dietze- Shear Force (MUTe rmx)



August 2010: Expansion

“MUTe-Modern Talk”



October 2011: Dance Computer

MUTe and Egorythmia-Life Cycle



October 2011: Forensic Science

“MUTe-Doing his magic (Static Movement rmx)



November 2011: MUTe vs Shay Nassi-On/Off Ritmo Remix




March 2012: Reconnexion

“Loud-Engines On (Mute rmx)

“MUTe-Doing his magic (Static Movement rmx) P2




Next week, you will have the pleasure to listen to an exclusive set from MUTe.

It’ll be broadcasted on during the FM Booking session 🙂

We’ll pick up some tracks from their discography for the show… between MUTe’s set and D-NOX&BECKERS’s mix.

“Oulala” … check your speakers and tell your friends.


We’ll dig into MUTe‘s biography, stay tune 🙂