KICK BONG – The way – March 2012

Franck Jousselin aka Kick Bong has recorded his new chill-out mix “The way” in March 2012.

After the release of his E.P “Everyday with hope” in February 2012, it’s a pleasure to stream his new set on


Franck is an electronic music’s producer with his project KICK BONG since 1997.

He has been released under the labels Spirit Zone, Candyflip, Clima, Peak, Hoots, Cosmicleaf, Chillcode, Ajana, Hadra, Sonic Motion, Blue hour sounds, Another chance records and Ultra vista.

You can discover his universe on his website :

Playlist of the mix:

1-Akara-Gelfling (Kick Bong Remix)

2-Akara-Projection (Kaminanda Remix)

3-Stefan Korto-Arp Emotion

4-Side Liner-Sosial Solitude

5-Kick Bong-Never Stop

6-Moshang-At the sky’s end

7-Kaminanda-Conscious Droplets

8-Bonobo-The Keeper (Banks Remix)

9-Trentemoller-Tide (Modeselektors Last Remix Ever)

10-Sbtkt-Trials of the past

11-Triptone-Big Energy.

This set ends with a track of Triptone, the new project of Franck Josselin.


Interesting album that I’ve discovered lately.

Franck sent me a mail about TripTone and of course I’ve listened.

More vocals than I expected on this album, but the same emotion that I have when I listen to his music.

Just like his new set, Franck brings together the energy of the instruments, of the electronic and human voices.

It’s good and I wanted to share this project with you.

If you want to listen to his track and to get 1 of the limited edition CD, please go to


Credits :

Picture on stage by FANNY NOIN! Beautiful photographer 🙂