WEEKEND HEROES-Best of our sets. Vol 07 (Part.1)

Weekend Heroes needs no more introductions.

This duo has made several of huge hits during the past 2 years released on various Progressive House labels.

Here they bring us a brand new compilation for Iboga Records containing some of the best progressive tunes and artists you find these days from artists like: Riktam & Bansi, Diploid, Lish, Max Freegrant, Andrea Bertolini, Ticon, Emok, Weekend Heroes, Rocky and many more.

Weekend Heroes – Best Of Our Sets Vol. 07 is the first step towards the long awaited debut album from Weekend Heroes releasing later this year on Iboga Records.

Don’t miss this massive compilation if you like the Weekend Heroes sound.


WEEKEND HEROES are Felix Nagorsky and Eli Baltsan from Tel Aviv (Israël).



 1-Weekend Heroes-Hot Now (Original Mix)

2-Riktam & Bansi Melody (Original Mix)

3-Diploid-The Shifting (Original Mix)

4-Ticon & Emok-Resolution (Original Mix)

5-Kash Trivedi-Cocoon (Original Mix)

6-Rocky-It Is Alive (Original Mix)

7-Ben Coda-Future Perfect (Original Mix)

8-Max Freegrant-Turn The World (Original Mix)

9-Karl Johan-Lux (Original Mix)

10-Tash & Toni Manga-Night Rider (Original Mix)


We start this compilation with Hot Now, produced by Weekend Heroes themselves.

Are you ready for a delicious time with this new volume of the “Best of our sets” series released by our friends of Iboga Records?

The tracklist selection is perfect and you can feel the power of Weekend Heroes’s set.

Riktam and Bansi aka GMS (in the psytrance scene) and Diploid invite us to the dancefloor.

They’re followed by the 1st great tune of the compilation “Resolution” by Ticon and Emok! Olala! The vibes invade your body.. the “resolution” loop is running thru your brain nerves and your legs start to move, your arms are totally uncontrolled.. get up and dance..

Kash Trivedi, a DJ from India, has produced “Cocoon” and I’m sure that we will hear from him again soon. What a track!! ++

You’ll have the pleasure to listen to the track of Rocky who was recently on Psychedelik.com, we streamed his set on the Psychedelik Echoes session #1.

The “more” atmospheric side of the compilation starts with the excellent track “Future Perfect” of the well-know Ben Coda. I can’t wait to jog under the influence of this music… 🙂 Tip-top! ++

Max Freegrant is also one of my favourite.

The set ends with Tash & Toni Manga…

But is the end the beginning… you never knows 🙂

To be continued…