MATT BALZAN-Hyphenated Identity



Scottish producer Matt Balzan fully realizes himself with his full-length album ‘Hyphenated Identity‘.

Featuring 10 downtempo gems including “Skyline“, “The infinite power of god” and “Up a notch“.




2-Man On The Bus
4-In Vestri Telum
5-Porch With A View
6-The Infinite Power Of God
7-Through The Tunnels
9-Time Passes
10-Up A Notch


This album was sent by System Recordings, specialized in downtempo promotion.

This tuesday morning, the 22nd of May 2012, I was in the mood for this kind of tempo.

We’re working here at on the new teeshirt’s series with Kazim and we need to relax between 2 fast working periods.

Of course, we expect that the result will pleased you, the contributors and sponsors of the station.

When you buy a teeshirt, you know that you help the community.

The team is devoted to the station but without little money support from you, can’t stream.

So, I want to thank Matt Balzan for this excellent downtempo tunes and we’ll share some tracks on the ambient stream.

Stay tune, we’ll show the new design made by Kazim in a couple of days.

Limited edition because you don’t want to wear everybody’s teeshirt this summer 2012 😉