PSYSTEIN-Native Rituals


Today, I want to introduce Velimir Andreev aka Psystein.

Who is Psystein?

Velimir Andreev aka Psystein (Gripe Grigs) is a music producer and organizer of music events from Sofia (Bulgaria).

He composes and produces his own music and uses ‘state of the art’ sound equipment and software

He has started electronic music in the late of 90s, strongly influenced by the magic of melodic psytrance (Goa) of artists like Astral Projection, MFG, Electric Universe…

10 years ago, he started to make own music and to follow his dream to travel around the world and play…


1-Native Rituals Live


3-Crazy Forest

4-Indian Hair Style

5-Angels of energy


7-The good the bad and the ugly

Listen to his music!

We will stream some tracks of his album but you can listen now on his bandcamp page.

Check it out:


Yesterday night, I’ve landed in Tokyo Japan.

Hard jetlag night, earthquake 🙂

I was working on the shop because the new teeshirts are coming soon.

In the mailbox, I have several submission from “young” artists and if broadcasts the “well-known” artists of the scene, it’s also important to promote the new-comers.

So, I picked up Psystein and I had an enjoyable surprise that I want to share with you.

So, keep it up Velimir 🙂