STATIC MOVEMENT – Tribe Festival Live Act on welcomes Static Movement and we thank him for sharing his last Live Act recorded at the Tribe Festival in Mexico.

+++++ We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us  +++++

Today, I’ve talked to a really nice artist and I’m extremely happy to broadcast his excellent set on the channel 100% Mixes.

Who is Static Movement?


Shahar Shtrikman, aka Static Movement, is a 27 years old artist, originally from Ukraine and currently living in Israel.

Although he immigrated to another country, once he settled in Israel he realized that the thing he was looking for was under his nose all along – Psychedelic Trance.

Shtrikman has started his musical expedition with the piano; he taught himself how to play while using mental visualizations to simulate the song.

When he was 12 years old he started to experiment with a software named Impulse Tracker, and fell in love with Psytrance through his friends.

This event sequence created an inevitable move towards creating psytrance.

In 2007 he started to study sound engineering professionally, and while he worked at Oz Studios he helped Rock, Jazz and Metal bands to record their albums.

His first Psytrance project was Impulser, which was more Full-On orientated and no longer exists.

Three years ago he started a project together with Jonathan Ramon called Noizepulse where they focus on the night time psychedelics.

About a year ago, Shtrikman has decided to experiment with a Progressive sound and fell in love calling his new project Static Movement.

Static Movement is a project that puts melodies as its manifest, along with complex composition and stirring beats.

He works closely with Mute (“hello Roy and Liran and thanks again for the FM Booking session on, it was great! And your set was really a mentally flying experience.. such as your last track “Anonymous” created with Shahar aka Static Movement.. one of the best track of 2012! … ok.. ok.. I stop writing.. just landed in Hong Kong this morning.. not enough sleep and too much jetlag ;-).. just wanted to say hello!” Bertrand)

..and Invisible Reality, and has released music together with Impact.

A strong believer in his path, Shtrikman follows his passion and tries to create what he truly loves with a high sense of perfectionism.

He makes sure his music touches each and every person that manages to hear it, deep down to the soul.

This does not oblige any movement, but the Static Movement of the mind.


That’s exactly what you can feel in this set (23 min).

Summer is almost here… Festivals and outdoor parties… Let’S Dance experience on the dancefloors 😉


Of course!

In 2011, on the major Progressive label Iono Music, he has released Fairy Tale E.P.

And he was also on the compilations Christiana Selection, Forensic Science.

More recently, in 2012, he produced “Talking about love“, a 4 tracks E.P.







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