The new teeshirts are coming is a commercial free webradio streaming 24/7 on 9 channels.

We broadcast ambient, progressive, psytrance, dark psychedelic, drum & bass.

Our community of trancers is open and supported by listeners who are also the sponsors.

Last year, we decided to get a streaming licence at the SACEM.

It costs money to broadcast legally but we decided that the streams must stay free  for everybody.

The webradio raise some funds with the b _ _ _ _ _ s on the website and your donations.

It’s really helpful.

Last year, for the 10 years anniversary, we’ve made some teeshirts for the people who want to support the webradio.

100% of the sales are for the webradio

This summer 2012,

we need to raise some funds to keep up and running until the end of the year.

Kazim, our graphist, designed a new teeshirt.

He gave his time and talent and has created a ‘crop circle’ design.

The new teeshirts

will have several colours for the crop circles because we’re all different.

will be printed on a limited edition because we’re a small community.

will be available for trancers and fairies.

(ultra limited edition for the girls)

After the 1st serie, we had positive feedback and great advices from the sponsors who bought a teeshirt 🙂

Next week, they will all receive a discount code for the new teeshirts. Thanks to you!

You will discover the new series next week in the shop but in the meantime, it’s time to show you the new design.

It starts with the Black and White teeshirt.

The FRONT design

2 choices of colours for the teeshirts, Black or Charcoal.

White Crop Circle (16cm width)

The BACK design

(in the neck)

The colour will be white (8cm width)

Thanks for supporting