On thursday the 28th of june, discover the chill-out compilation on 100% MIXES.

We’ll take off at 11PM European time for a smooth flight brought to you by Dark Prisma (Argentina)

Dark Prisma Records has travelled across The Void and back to Earth, to bring you the one and only Conundrum Concoction, a new psychedelic-flavored, refreshing, invigorating, restorative tonic created to bring the psychonaut back home safe and sound.

This reintegration potion is the next chapter in The Void series, we have summoned the finest medicine men to unveil the secret formula and distill this fine elixir, a concoction between remedy and candy prepared to assist and confort you in your journey, to give you a delightful new perspective.

This sedating syrup has been brewed by no other than Derango and Molokow , from the scandinavian forests of Sweden and Prisma, side project from Filtro from Megalopsy, from the concrete jungles of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This will be a downtempo/chill out split album containing three pieces of each artist, navigating through different styles, making this release perfect for home listening or coming down after an intense night.

This compilation was done by Prisma, mastered by Lalith Rao and will be distributed by Beatspace.


1-Conundrum Concoction – List of Ingredients
2-Prisma – Extract of a Fragment Part I
3-Prisma – Extract of a Fragment Part II
4-Prisma – Extract of a Fragment Part III
5-Molokow – Hell’s Island
6-Molokow – Climate Fit
7-Molokow – Polustus Grytgol
8-Derango – An Invisible Tale
9-Derango – An Unsane Tale
10-Derango – An Oak’s Tale

Where to buy?

I would like to thank Val at for playing this CD when I visit him in Hong Kong. distributes this compilation, so I’m pretty sure you can get it on their shop.