DJ ZAGHINI on welcomes Alexandre Zaghini aka DJ ZAGHINI from São Paulo – Brazil.


Organizer of one of the biggest open air Psytrance Festivals in Sao Paulo (Brazil), ‘Respect Festival‘ had been lidering the Psychedelic Open Air Events of his country.

He also has been working for the last 6 years djing and promoting psytrance music through the Universe, and had performed in the Biggest Brazilian Events such Universo Paralello in Bahia, Soulvision Festival, Virada Cultural in Sao Paulo, Moonflower In Argentina and Monte Mapu Festival in Chile.

Alexandre Zaghini, also known as DJ Zaghini, from São Paulo – Brazil had your first contact with music when he was 12 years old, having guitar and acoustic guitar classes, being influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Metallica.

In 2003, he met the electronic scene, going to parties and festivals, including some underground parties in London.

In 2006, after lot of learning and some experience on e-music, he started his career as DJ, choosing the line of Psychedelic Trance.

He brings strong and psicodelic grooves’ DJ sets and also have an excellent “technique” on his mixes.

With a great acceptance on the Brazilian electronic scene, he was fastly invited to play in famous and important parties, festivals and clubs in Brazil as Universo Paralello, Mystic Tribe, Respect, Soulvision Festival, Magic Paradise Festival, Psymind, Club A SP, Klatu Barada Nikto, moreover, the biggest cultural event of Brazil, promoted by the government of São Paulo State, the “Virada Cultural” (The Cultural Turn), playing for more than 50 000 people.

He is Resident DJ and also works on the organization of the “Festival Respect, the most important cultural and artistic Festival of the Brazilian southeastern.

It’s a side event of the indoor project “e.Music Brazil Club” and “Festival Magic Paradise”.


In 2010, he became member of Antu Records, where he produced his first compilation Freaking On High, released in may 2011.


In 2012, he has selected the tracklist of the new compilation Respect released by Antu Records.

This 8th CD release of the Brazilian label was compiled with Edu.


1-Laughing Buddha-Kaleidosonic

2-Burn in noise-Foxy (Nevermind RMX)


4-2012 VS. Zaghini-Respect

5-Space Vision-Entheogenic Mushi

6-Tera-Extra Dimensions


8-Heterogenesis-Leap of faith


We have added High Spirit mixed a few months ago and we’re waiting for his new set in a few days.