Planet Ben Records releases the new album ‘Epic Chords‘ produced by Prototype.

Who is Prototype?

Prototype is new Psy Full On Morning Project from the single artist DJ B.A.N.E who started in the early 2000 to create trance uplifting music…

And that project goes very well.

He was accepted from several international label’s like Ocean Drive Records, 4:4 Records and so on, but wasn’t satisfied from this project and he moved to the new horizons to explore the music and that’s how was created PROTOTYPE Project

He was signed to the Swedish label Digital-Reality Records which offers him a new point of view for the electronic music…

He had good collaboration with Swedish producer and DJ Re:Actor and they made their first track WILD WEST which had good reputation over the Globe and other big names on the scene and was pre-released in 2012 on the compilation Psytrance Frequency compiled by Imox Maya…

Prototype’s first debut album called “Shine of the Caribbean” was released in 2010 on the Israeli label Psy Core Records based in UK… He brought new smash hit inspired from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

The same year, he released an  album with Suntribe on the same label called ROCK ON.

At the end of 2011, he released his 2nd studio album POTW (Pipes of The Woods)’ and the Remix EP.

Then he has joined the label Ananda Tribe records where he was very well accepted by the crew and he is on the spot light since then..

At the beginning of 2012, he has signed for his album with one of the finest label in Europe, Planet Ben Records based in Germany and become one of their artist.

The 3rd Studio album is released with fresh sounds and some old hits and with the big bang remix for Syn Sun.

He is currently collaborating with DUAL CORE and DIGITAL TRIBE for his new EP Prototype with friends.

He has worked with Hypernova, Synesthesia, Silence, Re:Actor and many more…


“Stay tuned for more great news from this young promising artist how he says: C-YA to ALL!!!”


1-Prototype-Epic Chords (2012 Re-Make)

2-Prototype-Burning for you

3-Prototype-Sneaking up on core

4-Prototype & Re-Actor-Wild West (Prototype Edit)

5-Syn Sun Vs. ITP-Set the pace (Prototype Rmx)

6-Prototype-Epic Chords (2005 Original)

7-Electric Spectrum-Mystical Whispering (Prototype Pianisimo Rmx)

8-Electric Spectrum-Mystical Whispering (Prototype & Electric Spectrum Rmx)