Space Vision – 2012 Live set on 100%MIXES is proud to add the Live set 2012 recorded by Space Vision.

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Who is Space Vision?

Space Vision is a project from Gustavo Jeker aka Dj Tato.

Gustavo launched Space Vision in 2003 and started to release his tracks on Yellow Sunshine Records.

The project has already released several tracks on Vagalume Records, Antu Records, on Yellow Sunshine Records, Ultragroove Records, on Kagdila Records, on Grasshopper Records and the label 24/7 , our partner and friends from Austria.

I discovered Space Vision with the track UFO Ride, released by our friends from 24/7 in january 2012.

This artist from the growing scene of Brazil is one of the most innovative psytrance project this year 2012.

His set is perfect and shows his most recent tracks, such as Transformers remix, UFO Ride and Analog Mantras.

Tribal vibes and fully oriented dancefloors!!




I have just one feeling after listening this Live 2012…

I want to applause and say “Multo Obrigado!”






Compilation Map of Goa Volume 2 by DJ Mikadho

Label: Y.S.E

Track: Space Vision – Magic Spells




Compilation Bad Company

Label: Ultragroove Records

Track: Space Vision Vs. Sensitive – Game Over





Compilation Neptune by DJ Ekanta

Label: Vagalume Records

Track: Space Vision – God of sun




Compilation Avant Garde

Label: Ultra Groove Records

Track: Space Vision – Subway trip




Compilation Next Level by Red Sun

Label: Kagdila Records

Track: Space Vision Vs. Sensitive – R U Ready




Compilation Across the Andes by DJ Vinnix

Label: Antu Records

Track: Space Vision & DJ Vinnix – Higher Reality





E.P The Multiverse Theory by Space Vision

Label: Antu Records


1-Space Vision – The multiverse theory

2-Space Vision – Go for landing

3-Space Vision – Xaras





E.P Spiritual Beens

Label: Antu Records

Track: Pragmatix & Space Vision – Pragmavision





Compilation Freaking on high by DJ Zaghini

Label: Antu Records

Track: Space Vision – I want to dance





Compilation Brave Japan 311

Label: Grasshopper Records & Catalyst Records

Track: Space Vision – Music in your brain





E.P On the time by Space Vision

Label: Grasshopper Records


1-Space Vision – On the time

2-Space Vision & Xpiral – Space Meeting

3-Space Vision – Spiritual Encounter

4-Space Vision-Madre Tierra



Compilation Round of night

Label: Grasshopper Records

Track: Space Vision – Transformers Remix





Compilation Doors Open II

Label: 24/7

Track: Space Vision & Spectra Sonics – UFO Ride

This compilation was already reviewed and was my first step in the discovery of this cool project Space Vision


UFO Ride is one of the killer tracks of 2012! 🙂





Compilation Patchbay – Southern Cross

Label: Mosaico

Track: Patchbay, Ital & Space Vision – Genetic Space





Compilation Analog Mantras by Space Vision

Label: Grasshopper Records


1-Space Vision & Brainiac – Analog Mantras

2-Xpiral & Space Vision – La Selva

3-Patchbay & Space Vision – Coffe accident

4-Heterogenesis & Space Vision – Goatic Cloud

5-Patchbay & Space Vision – Harmonic Ratios



Space Vision will be touring in Europe this summer 2012.

He has available dates in July and August.

Contact on skype ‘bertrancegoa‘ or visit his facebook fan page 😉 thanks Space Vision for sharing this excellent Live set on our streams.

Obrigado Gustavo!