Mind Over Matter


Release date : October 15th, 2012


After a packed summer filled with festivals, 24/7 is back to work fully refreshed.  Get ready for some new high quality releases from 24/7 Records in the months to follow.

First on the menu is a huge compilation coming out this October 2012!

Be ready for Mind Over Matter, compiled by DJ Horizon.

 Horizon, from the scene of Montreal, unleashes his 2nd compilation “Mind over Matter”.

All tracks have been skillfully selected & tested worldwide ranging from 24/7’s usual suspects Materia, Neuroplasm, Ilai, Plasmotek, Sinerider & well established international artists like Brainiac, Waio, Cylon, Tron, Glitch, Attik & Intelligence.

Each tune portraying its individual story, atmosphere & deepness.

Fasten your seatbelts as “Mind over Matter” will send you spiraling down a psychokinetic journey through space & time.


01. SINERIDER – Gyroscopter

02. NEUROPLASM – Regenesis

03. CYLON – Medicated

04. MATERIA & PLASMOTEK – Uncivilised World

05. WAIO – Sonic Infusion

06. BRAINIAC -Dream Sequence

07. INTELLIGENCE & ATTIK – Future Disclosure

08. TRON & GLITCH – I T Vaporizer

09. ILAI – Bunga Bunga