FULL PROPULSION will kick your speakers with his new LIVE SET recorded in 2013!

The Japanese scene is growing back and their new vibes is powerfull 🙂


Full Propulsion

He started producing psytrance in 2007.

After showing its work at many indoor and outdoor parties in Portugal until 2009, he moved to Tokyo to spread its music, vibe and energy.

2010 was mainly a studio year leading to 2011 – playing at major clubs in the psytrance scene in the Tokyo area and at beach parties in the summer.

2012 was the year of the first releases and more gigs!

2013! SHOWTIME! 🙂

His set is added to the 100%MIXES CHANNEL.

1st broadcast on February 2013






2009 – Syntonized Fields – Midway Station Records

7-Just Trying





2012 – Get on with it – Digillize Records

1-Full Propulsion-Rebirth

2-Full Propulsion-Brazilian Pizza

3-Full Propulsion-Time Off

4-Full Propulsion-Tricky Times



2012 – Existence – Digillize Records

2-Microstar (Creatrix & Full Propulsion Rmx)





2013 – Sons of the Sun – Compiled compilation-sons_of_the_sun-31JAN2013by Full Propulsion – Recrystallize Records

6-Full Propulsion-Front Burner





Full Propulsion believes music as any art form speaks for itself. He plays at the best psytrance clubs in the city of Tokyo.

He has shared his latest set for the listeners of Psychedelik.com… Tell your speakers that they should be ready!

Playlist of the set (january 2013)

Full Propulsion – Front Burner

Full Propulsion – Time off

Full Propulsion – Brazilian Pizza

Full Propulsion – Breaking Patterns

Full Propulsion – New Fountain

Full Propulsion – Full Moon Patterns

Full Propulsion – Tricky Times

Full Propulsion – Bio Haven

Neuro Transistor Vs. Full Propulsion – Starting Point

Full Propulsion – Subconscious Hierarchy

Full Propulsion – Face It, Don’t Chase It

Full Propulsion – Universal Soul

Full Propulsion – The Addictive Way

Full Propulsion & Creatix – Microstar