Psy K Bal and Morphonic Records teamed up for the DJ Session organized on november 10th, 2013.

.:. DJ Psy K Bal .:.

In 1998, Mehdi a.k.a Psy K Bal has discovered psytrance music on the radio.

Before, he used to listen some hardtechno and Industrial Electro (Ebm).

His love at first sight began with the track “Let there be light” recorded by Astral Projection.

In 2007, Mehdi became Psy K Bal.

In 2009, he was member of Art Trance Prod then Symbiose Records in 2011.

He played at french events of Morphonic, BBF and Trance Projection. He spinned twice at the Batofar and l’alternat which are two famous nightlife location in Paris (France).

He also played twice in The Netherlands and several french towns like Paris, Nantes, Auxerre, Dijon, Reims and Dreux.

In 2012, he joined Fractal Records, a famous swiss label.

Psy k bal‘s style is based on night full on. He loves especially Shift, Frozen Ghost, Poizon, Phyx and many other artists like Concept, Shehoor, Orca, Geko.

For the 1st time on for the Morphonic Records’ DJ Session on november 10th, 2013…

.:. Agenda .:.

Trilogy_7_rectoHe played at the opening party of the Trilogy organized by Morphonic Records and  Samsen Records.





16 NOV 2013

THE FLINTSTONES organized by ButterFly’Family.





.:. MIX .:.

Tune to on november 10th, 2013.

Psy K Bal has recorded an exclusive DJ set for this session. 1h30 of pure night full-on… clean your speakers… and stream it LOUD! =)


To be continued =)