Psychedelik.com and StereOrganic teamed up for the DJ Session organized on december 8th, 2013.

.:. Zorglüb .:.

zorglub“Sometimes on the dance floor, sometimes playing with a good old pair of Technics… What else ?

Member of StereOrganic (Paris, France) & The Mad Masters (Berlin, Germany).

Love & Light


Sylvain aka Zorglüb was born in France in 1973.

In his teen age, he was influenced by classic rock/pop artists such as Hendrix, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bowie, the Stooges or the Velvet Underground.

Then, back in 1992, thanks to his big brother, parties collectives such as Techno Tanz Resistance or the Spiral Tribe, DJs such as Iguane, Laurent Hô, Yayo, Chaos, Lenny Dee or Liza N’Heliaz and a famous radio show, Rave Up, created by Patrick Rognant on FG, he discovered techno and trance music as well as the underground electronic music scene.

The people, the music, the dance were such a revelation that he soon left out his guitar and bought his first turntables.

He then starts to perform in raves and free parties where he plays hardcore, goa trance and full-on.

In 1997 and 1998, he moves to Abidjan where he was the resident DJ of “l’Enfer” Club.

Back in France, he works for SCV Audio and then for Radio France where he is currently project manager at the audio facilities engineering department.

Musically, Zorglüb has gradually shifted from full-on to progressive psytrance, very rhythmic and abstract.

With his group of friends, he organized a few events in Paris under the name Bonux Party. Then, still with the same collective completed by his brother and his friends settled in Berlin, they organized the Mad Masters parties combining visual arts and electronic music.

Now he’s also member of the famous StereOrganic collective from Paris.

Faithful to the vinyl for more than 20 years, he still uses a pair of Technics turntables to play and definitely love them.

Well… Now using a Serato to keep them alive and thanks to talented artists and exceptional labels (Iono, Iboga, TesseracT studio, Nano, Ovnimoon…) who produce bomb tracks weekly, he keeps on spinning records on his decks as well as dancing on Earth with the Happy Nation…


.:. Agenda .:.

8 DEC 2013

DJ Session on Psychedelik.com webradio.

20 DEC 2013

Spirit Of Trance (Paris – France)

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