is back!

When we started in 2001, he was part of the psytrance crews from France who invaded the dancefloors with their powerful full-on energy.

Legendary labels such as 3D Vision, Moon Spirit Records and Turbo Trance were writting the story of the scene and Neuromotor was one of the Producer I loved the most.

Strong psychedelik music, extensive track’s production and charismatic artist, the MOTOR was born.

Fred shares his last set “Dance with the machines”… Tune to the Mixes & Lives playlist!

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blog-neuromotor“Ola Motorheads

Hope you all blasting dancefloors like never before. With summer around the corner, the festival season is looking full on this year.

On that note, the crew at the Motor HQ decided to do a special something. It’s been a while since I have posted a nonstop SET of the Motor. Here is an hour non stop of some of the tracks which gets me grooving along with some my unreleased blasters.

Would love to hear from you on feedback of how do you like the New groove of the Motor.

A big shout out to all the artists and their magic who made me Dance with the Machines:

Ambivalence – Soler (unreleased)

Lforgy – Neuromotor (unreleased)

Impulse – Soler (unreleased)

Two Full Moons And A Trout – Union Jack (Freedom Fighters, Domestic & Pixel Remix)

Platipus Records Neuromotor- Absolute circle (unreleased)

Crazy People – Captain Hook (Iboga Records )

Galaxian – Sensient (Perfect Stranger Remix) (Zenon Records)

Bungee jump – Captain Hook & Astrix (Iboga Records)

Liquid Hook – Captain Hook (Fabio Fusco Remix) (Iboga Records)

Leap of faith – Perfect Stranger (Human Element Remix)

RV’s and a Pound of K – Captain Hook & Tetrameth ( Atmos Remix ) (Iboga Records)

It’s been a great dancefloor so far. See you on the other side and Massive hugs to one & all for being part of the journey so far and to the times to come.

Love & Funk , until next time the Jedi says: “Let’s all Dance with the Machines”

– The Motor”

The mix


Thanks to Fred aka Neuromotor for sharing his set.

Every month, you will discover his new mix on and I’m quite sure he’ll bring some friends.

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