New Mown Hay


Last year, I started to receive informations from the label Holier Than Thou Records.

You might have noticed, if you send some promos, that it takes time to get an answer.

New Mown Hay is a project that matches with my expectations when I begin to read the ambient submission mailbox.

We got in touch with David Begg from the label and he was kind to share some tracks.

Who is New Mown Hay?

New Mown Hay is a “Dark Electronic” music composer, encompassing earthy and grounding vibrations from down-step to calm and tranquil.

Originally from the UK, he moved to France after falling in love with the country. (Does he miss the Fish N Chips? No words about that in his bio!)

Previous incarnations include being the head chef on the Orient Express and a luxury yacht  now he working as a music composer.

Music on releases “Katalyst and “Communion” were sold worldwide.

New music ‘Sunshine’ and “New Life” Main influence is Depeche Mode and ambient soundscapes.

Sunshine is the EP that I selected.

‘Sunshine’ is a nice EP, it’s probably at the edge of Yuman’s ambient selection.

This EP could be use easily for your visual media, your gaming session or maybe the SCI-FI novel book’s chapter you’re about to open.

Holier Than Thou

Visit the label to enjoy more tracks of New Mown Hay.