Gus Till – Ghosts of the Earth

gustill-ghosts_of_the_earthGetting chilled

I’m a big fan of Interchill Records for … woohoo… more than 10 years 🙂 Probably since my first steps in the #psytrance scene.

When everybody says that CDs are dead and buried 6 feets under, I’ve recently bought the missing pieces of my collection.

The sense of touch and the pleasure it gives.

Not because of our materialistic world and our attachement to collect, I think that life passes thru and that you have things more important to do in your life. But music is Art and CDs are still a way for the musicians to express themselves beside of their talent for creating music.

When you get digital, especially high quality tracks such as wav, you have the delight of music. But something is missing.

The album of Gus Till comes in a crystal CD with a great artistic cover of Alejandra Diaz.  You have the credits page that reflect the feelings of the band for their close friends who made it happened… and it’s not so easy these days when the Napster generation doesn’t want to buy music or movies anymore. A nice picture of Gus taken by Christopher J Leggot is also waiting for those who buy the physical release and the lyrics of “We advance masked”, the intro track written by Kamau Bakari Abayomi, a performer you can discover and follow on this FB Page.

When you get a CD, you expect more than digital, and you will find everything you need with this 51st release of the legendary canadian label Interchill Records.

I was setting up the new #ambient streaming session that begins in Nov. 2014 and on the occasion, I’ve had the chance to talk more with Andrew, manager of this legendary label along Nick, and he shared a 2 hours mix for the listeners of


You will stream this incredible #psychedelic #ambient journey on Nov. 9.

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Ghosts of the Earth

The album intro is “We advance masked“. Nice guitars riff and psychedelik vocals. No need to say that we’ve just entered a Live oriented album that gathers live performers and not only a solo electronic music producer. Cool.

chikaasamotoSunstroke” starts with a nice tempo warmed by the soprano sax performance of Chika Asamoto.

Gus and Chika already worked together in 2009 on her album Catalpa“.

They are both currently residents of the ‘isle of the gods’Bali where they met and realized a common musical bond.

So long emergency” is a groovy track that reveals the voice of Sophie Digby and the vocals of Cozi… Oh! So here is why we’re all connected! I remember that Iboga Records sent the promo release “Mutant Tribe” in april 2013.

supercoziShe moved from Japan to UK in 2000 and formed Zen Lemonade with Gus Till.

Their debut album “Lemon Soul” was released from DragonFly Records and instantly gained critical acclaim.

Cozi and Gus Till have been married since then, the perfect musical alchemy.

Tomorrow delta” is one of the most achieved track of the release. Gus has gathered 5 musicians mostly guitarists, but you will appreciate the claypot, waterphone and shakers performance.

Claypots come originally from India where they’re called Ghatam.

The flutes’ vibrations of Aswin are really nice at the end when this instrument plays above all the others.

The flagship track “Ghosts of the Earth” recalls Chika Asamoto and welcomes a new didjeridoo artist Nick Didge and bamboo drumer Geoffroy Hales. Rhythmic beats atmosphere.

Gus had the opportunity to work with Jamiroquai and Manu Dibango on studio sessions and while he was touring worldwide on festivals. It might explain his will to use these instruments on his new album.

After 5 tracks, I’m definitely listening to a new dimension of Gus Till musical production. It’s not only psychedelic music, it has the roots but became more influenced by tribal percussions and love for guitars and saxo. It is truly a really mature album.

????????Angelfright” and “X-Tribe” as a transition after such intense works and musical arrangements on the past tracks. We  head back to more #psytrance vibes. For sure, Gus Till has worked with passion on “Ghosts of the Earth”.

All tracks are long tracks, more or less 9 minuts. It shows an accomplishment he wanted to share with his fans. It’s a dancing album, a cross over between different styles.

I liked “Recovery” that came exactly when I needed it. This album is not a one shot listening. Complex album that requires time and space to fully discover.

Then, we go to a more ambient side, that I’d enjoyed, with “Night sands“.. one of my favourite.

Wow! Now I want to go to Bali!

What an incredible journey 🙂 Splendid.

Gus Till website

You will taste the music on of course, but feel free to visit Gus Till website for more.