Ilai – Digital Jungle

Ilai Digital JungleIono Music releases the new 4-tracks EP “Digital Jungle” produced by Ilai.

Release date: October 10th, 2014


1-Ilai-Digital jungle

2-Ilai-Lost in the music

3-Ilai-3d mode

4-Ilai vs. Vandeta-Alien disinformation

Who is Ilai?

Ilai Salvato aka Ilai is an Italian psytrance producer.

We discovered him 2 years ago with the help of 24/7, an austrian label managed by Materia,

The first track we broadcasted on was “Bunga Bunga” released on “Mind Over Matter”

And now, Ilai is on Iono Music, the best german progressive label. We can applause him for his incredible journey thru the #psytrance scene.

Who knew back in september 1987 that a star was born in Padova (Italy)?

The young generation of #psytrance artists that we follow and promote on is really promising and Ilai is one of them.

An easier access to computer’s technology, a lot cheaper than it use to be, with less physical synthetizer and studio gears needed to start creation are the keys for this psY generation.

Ilai has a passion for music at 12, just like all teens, but he decided to start DJing at 16. He began his project Ilai at 18 and it took him 3 years to learn before his first releases.

I will write more about Ilai when I have the chance to Stream one of his Live set on It is time, isn’t it?

Digital Jungle” shows his typical bass kick. Refreshing, it reflects his emotions and hapiness. Then we enter his musical universe with more synthesizers effects, longer loops and breakdowns. You’re “lost in the music” and start your travel into his galaxy of sounds. “3D mode” is a invitation to a more complex writting composition that will surround you in and outside your minds. The last track of this EP is produced in collaboration with Shlomi Amir aka Vandeta, a #psytrance DJ and Producer from Eilat in Israel. It’s called “Alien disinformation” and you will understand why…

This EP was looping while I was writting and it’s for sure an enjoyable release. I’d like to say that 4 tracks for an EP is interesting because you can feel more the musician’s vibes, so it’s worth it to get the complete EP.

We’re here in the crossroads of psychedelic and progressive vibes. The psY generation is taking control!

Out on monday, october 12th.

Taste it on “Progressive by Psylvain

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