Maluns Afterburner

Maluns AfterburnerReady for the launch?

The Afterburner Trilogy was released on Cosmicleaf Records on September 29th, 2014.

This extended EP is like a rocket engine and send you into orbit in 3 steps.

Maluns is the swiss revelation of progressive ambient.

Coming from Zรผrich in Switzerland, a nice city that I had the chance to visit a long time ago, Maluns is a solo project. Solo doesn’t mean lonely and he knows the right people as we can see on this Afterburner trilogy.

“In 2006, he entered the world of sounds with his little home studio, in which he started to make all kinds of electronic music from trance to ambient/downbeats.”

He became very productive a couple of years ago when Cosmicleaf started to release his music.

“Straigth theory” was his debut album, released on october 2013. Chillout atmosphere that you can discover on Bandcamp. The track “Afterburner – First Boost” was originaly on this 9 tracks introduction to Maluns’s universe.

Maluns Straight Theory

Straight Theory tracklist

1-Glimpse (Guitar by Ramun)
2-Thank You
3-Open Secret
4-Afterburner – First Boost
5-Straight Theory
8-Raw Data

On April 28th, 2014, Maluns revealed his 2nd opus “Temporal Extent”.

“Maluns reveals his second offering of deep progressive excursions into ambient. Rolling grooves and sublime soundscapes create a powerful musical experience for any situation in life. Focused minds, glowing hearts and pulsating bodies will synchronize in the presence of these delightful sonic crystals. Once again, Maluns blends meticulous production skills with authentic musical sensitivity and gives us a timeless collection of high quality progressive ambient. Dive in.”

This brilliant description of his 2nd album summarizes pretty well what you can expect.

The “Afterburner – Second Boost” was produced at this occasion, showing talents for rythmic progressive beat, and also vocals as you can listen on “Aeons Garden”.


Temporal Extent tracklist

1-Maluns – Psychoacoustic Orchestra
2-Maluns – Unfolding Reality
3-Maluns – Aeons Garden
4-Maluns – Being
5-Maluns – Mentor
6-Maluns – Afterburner Second Boost
7-Maluns – Remember Me
8-Maluns – Anima
9-Maluns – Anima (Solar Spectrum Remix)

In orbit?

Let’s start with the cover. It comes from an old Captain Future’s comic book.

I have to admit that at first sight, it was fuzy! I’m a fan of the Cosmicleaf cover’s design but this one … surprised me! ๐Ÿ˜Ž What the h..l is that?!

Then, I play the promo given by Cosmicleaf for the listeners of “Ambient by Yuman”, our chill streaming channel. Around 1 hour, fair enough for an ambient release. I need time to get deep into the journey that the artists offer us, the ambient fans! You know how it is, you are on the computer, doing stuff (extremely important such as browsing, tweeting, facebooking, googling.. typical weekend mornings!) and 3 hours of your precious time are gone… wow! 3 loops of this entiere album. That’s cool vibes ๐Ÿ™‚ I realize why Maluns has decided to gather the Trilogy in one piece. I was in orbit.

As I said before, Maluns is a one-artist project, but Cosmicleaf had the great idea to put the “First Boost” in the hands of other nice ambient artists who produced 4 great remixes.

First remix is made by Dense who released his album “New speak” on september 15th, 2014. Then, I was glad to read that Sephira has remixed the track. We broadcasted him on in november 2011 and I really enjoyed his universe. I was really happy to see his name on major’s festivals last summer 2014. His interpretation takes you from orbit to other space. We got in touch on this occasion and he will release his album next month, so we’ll talk about him soon. The 3rd remix is produced by the Serbian’s duo Fourth Dimension and you will now travel to multiverse. Their album “In between” was a nice surprise this summer 2014 and I expect more now. Serbia has became a great country for psytrance these past years. There are talents there. The trip is ending… there is always an end… with a landing remix by Neon. I can’t tell you more about him.. maybe later.

Captain Future!

After a quick search, I undestood that Captain Future was the real name of the famous (in France) “Capitaine Flam”, probably my favourite when I was younger! Don’t say that fool!

Who cares? What you feel is in your head, in your body and your soul. So, that was the hook. That’s why we are All connected!

Excellent release!



HA! I forgot! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is the artist behind Maluns.

You can find him on

Facebook (602!)

Maluns will stream his Live set on in november 2014.