Paralogue – Inside my head

Paralogue - Inside my headOut on Oct. 20, here is the new EP “Paralogue-Inside my head” released on Iono Music.

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We live in parallel worlds that function simultaneously.

There is the world out there, the one we engage with on a daily basis, and there is the one In My Head which is usually much more wild, crazy and dangerous.

Luckily for you, this musical piece contains the sonic code that allows to get inside this realm, and participate in this unique experiment.

Don’t forget, it’s easier to get in than to get out…

This rabbit hole path is made by Paralogue, aka George Prekas & Alexandros Eustace.

Paralogue has opened up his head before in an EP called Outside World in 2012 on Ovnimoon.

Now, he invites you to go inside his head once more and increase you exhilaration sensation.

In order to get In My Head you need to decipher the encryption and enter the password.

You might hear weird voices whispering Suck My Disc, but try to listen carefully and you will suddenly see a Mirror emerging from the ground.

Put your hand on it and slowly get immersed into the other side.


“It’s in my head… I can’t get it out of my head!”

High level mastering on this EP produced by George and Alex aka Paralogue.

This #progressive project from Athens in Greece reveals the powerful “Inside my head”. Pure bassline, nice choice of vocal samples, cool breaks and uplifting atmosphere with smart use of their delays.

It’s followed by “Mirror“. Nice intro and we get in a track pretty easy to loop. The DJs will love it, they will express their mix and add the effects that they like to play with the DF. Still the same vocals. The end brings us back to the strong kick bass and supreme mix.

Then, we’re back at 136BPM for “Suck my disk“. Long intro as usual. Fast drums. Various breaks to melt this track in a good progressive mix. Switching between delays effect and clear vocals, these tunes create an uplifting journey that psychedelik lovers will enjoy to share while they feel the ecstasy of life 😉

Keep it up brothers! You’re doing well!


01. Paralogue – Inside my Head

02. Paralogue – Suck My Disk

03. Paralogue – Mirror

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