Redrosid – Collapse

redrosid_collapseComing up on Iono-Music
On Monday, 6th october 2014, there is a killer track ready to be load in your favourite player.

Redrosid has remixed E-Clip “Sacred Science” and wow! 😎
Fu…ing DF Power! Hahaha! Drop in, drop out!

“People tend to strive for equilibrium. They think this feeling of tranquillity and stability may help them reach a better life. They are wrong. When there is a Collapse, when you are forced to leave your comfort zone, you have to think. This notion of instability pushes you to think outside your box, outside of any box, and create something new, something else. It starts here.

This rupture is brought to you by Redrosid, aka Erez Bendek from Israel. A new arrival to Iono Music family and he already managed to shake some hard dance-floor across the world. This is no accident.

This is yet another step towards the Collapse of everything you knew before.

Once the Collapse starts there is no need to cling on what you previously knew. This will fail you over and over again. The best strategy then will be to embrace this Sacred Science envisioned by E-Clip and modulated by Redrosid, in order to experience to transformation.

Take a big breath, it begins now.”

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