Shortcut – No one is secure

Shortcut - No one is secureThis October 2014 is a month of releases on the #psytrance and #progressive scene.

Here is the new EP from our partner Phoenix Groove Records.

The greek crew promotes his music on for more than 3 years now.

The progressive label is still growing but they have gather a nice crew. Look at that!

Kingpink, Hi Profile, Sensogram, N.R.G Cell and recently Micky Noise and Bamboo Forest are now leading the Live Acts who tour for the label.

The label is also opened to new projects, it’s a cool way to jump into the scene and get the opportunity to make yourself known.

Music labels have to take risks, that’s a part of their job and that’s how to find jewels in the rough.

This time, they have released a debut EP called “No one is secure” and produced by Shortcut.

Promo details

“Shortcut starts his debut EP on Phoenix with solid credentials with some underground good old rarity.

Satisfying crunchy bass lines and killer breaks will cause some floor damage for sure.

Tight and to the point unravels a small journey for the mind and ears.

Warm and yet unsettling at some points, Shortcut is giving a deliciously dark performance on this fine EP.”


Nice vocal intro on “No one is secure” a groovy and deep track. An introduction to a fat and dark universe. And then we can dance. “Get ready” shows us the light, same groovy bassline, nice synthetizer effects, cool breakdowns and still the same sound’s “signature”.

Two tracks are not enough… where are the other ones? Well probably coming on the next compilation of Phoenix Groove Records.

And I’ve heard that two albums were also on the pipe.. Hi Profile and Sensogram. I guess we can expect them for next spring 2015.

Keep it up Shortcut!

Support your artists and labels. Get their high quality music 😉

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