Triptone – Remixed

Triptone RemixedCosmicleaf Records has just released its new EP “Triptone-Remixed“.

Triptone is the side-project of Franck Jousselin aka Kick Bong.

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Romy‘s sweet voice features on many productions by Triptone, her trip-hop project together with Franck Jousselin A.K.A. Kick Bong.

In this remix EP her sensual solo track “Comme un Rêve” gets spiced-up with some gentle Triptone beats and subtle glitches.

Side-Liner also jumps in with two delightful remixes of previous Triptone tracks, mixing Romy’s and June Caravel’s smoky sexy vocals with subtle, sparkling grooves.


1-Romy-Comme un rêve (Triptone Remix)

2-Triptone – On your shoulder (Side Liner Remix)

3-Triptone feat. June Caravel – Let me be free (Side Liner Remix)


“We’re here on the edge of the chillout music that we usually stream on

The vocals are nice and musical arrangement are well done. You should give it a try, it’s great to start your day in slow motion. No rush at all :)”

Taste it

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