Makida – Measure of reality

Makida - Measure of reality

Recently released on the Austrian psytrance label 24/7, it’s time to discover the album “Measure of reality” produced by Makida.


1. Reversed Psychology

2. Delusion

3. Angelic Shards

4. Imaginary Picture

5. Alchoholics Anonymous

6. Singularity

7. The Master

8. Gate Down

9. Del Toro



I started to follow the Psytrance scene around 2000-2001… and I still love to tune to these psychedelik tunes, you’re never too old 🙂

The Progressive tsunami has overflowed the scene with the outstanding jobs of the 2 major label directors Cubixx of Iono Music and Emok of Iboga Records, and most recently Niko of Phoenix Groove Records.

Their crews are producing intensive music, more oriented to the dancefloors than Progressive music used to be.

It’s true that “fluffy” Full-on and lack of good productions took this scene to the bottom. We only have one night to party 🙂 and time is running fast in the weekend. Organizers have to choose the best line-ups and Progressive music is doing the job.

When you’re running a webradio with 6 streams like we do on, you can promote new artists and labels, I’d rather like to say that you need to focus on these labels to find the new projects that will change the scene.

A few years ago, I got in touch with Raphael from 24/7. In the outside world of Psytrance, people may think that a collaboration between Austrian and French people is difficult to achieve… but we talk about Psychedelik music here 🙂 This label has a message to spread to the scene. The Full-on scene is still there!

I have always considered Raphael and his label 24/7 as a perfect springboard for Psytrance Full-on artists. It’s not the first time I share my feelings about him but it hasn’t changed. This label manager has a talent to find the next generation.

When you stay in a musical scene for a long-time, especially in the crew of a webradio, you listen to music everyday (or so.. thanks to the artists and labels that share their works).

You can follow your scene… I saw that 24/7 discovered major live-acts such as Static Movement, Ilai, Cylon and Tron. These artists are now touring worldwide.

24/7 also gave a chance to many young artists, that’s what I always loved with this label. They have a feeling for our music.

This time, they choose to release Makida.

And they made a very nice decision!!


Makida are Milos Modrinic (a.k.a. Copycat and member of Sideform project) and Nikola Peric (a.k.a. Essex), both from Belgrade,Serbia.

These two producers met at audio-engineering school in 2006 and with mutual music interests finally started to produce together in 2013.

Their music can be described as pure psychedelic trance with driving bass-lines, screaming leads and atmospheric textures followed by strong groove and rhythm, which combined together create the trademark style of Makida.

In 2014, they joined 24/7 records by releasing their debut EP called “Knowledge“.

In November 2014, Nikola and Milos released their first full length album “Measure of Reality”.

Duo continues working on new tracks and EP’s and you can expect much more from this rising project.



End of this chapter

I’m always running out of time.

You know how life is. is only a side-project of my life.

Most of the listeners won’t read this post, of course, they tune to the webradio for the music.

But it’s important to write about our artists and labels.

There is a new psY-generation coming to the parties since 2-3 years and Makida is one of them.

Younger, faster,psychedelik!

Years after years, I saw that we had more and more listeners from the Eastern Europe. A lot of them helped the webradio with donations, they ordered teeshirts to support our community, I felt that there were something happening there. New leaves of our Psychedelik tree. Much respect and thanks. You know who you are!

I’m glad to welcome Makida in our playlist. Keep it up, you’re doing great 😉

Enjoy the music (we will add it to the Psytrance stream), this album is one of the nice release of 2014.

And make them play!