Side Liner – Ambidramatic

Side Liner - AmbidramaticSide Liner – Ambidramatic

Released on Dec.15 by Cosmicleaf Records.

“Crisp, ethereal sounds flow through this EP like a fresh mountain breeze.

Waking the senses, but not overloading them.

Precise beats are sprinkled over spacey pads like morning dew on a field.

These smooth Side Liner productions keep a clear sense of purpose, a destination beyond the clouds.

Listen carefully and you might get a glimpse.”


My first thoughts when the EP looped in my player was “oh.. already!” Side Liner has produced a nice EP to end the year 2014. Of course, if you are a fan of his music like me, you will think that it’s not enough… it’s a pure gift for Xmas. Promising for 2015…


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