Static Movement – Shiva Devotional

Static Movement - Shiva Devotional

Released on Dec. 22, 2014 on Iono Music.

Shiva has many faces, forms and shapes. He does not like to be contained and categorised under a rigid label which will define what or who he is. Shiva is fluid, vibrating and ecstatic; therefore it is hard not to be Shiva Devotional. This sonic journey is a transformative voyage into the multiple possibilities one can take, sometimes simultaneously.

This expedition is triggered by the sonic infusion made by Static Movement, aka Shahar Shtrikman from Israel. Shtrikman has paved his path with his previous EP repertoire Fairy Tale, Talking about Love, Put Your Glasses On which came out in our greenhouse, and others such as Me Gusta on Yellow Sunshine Explosion and Inner Voice on Iboga.

The spiritual journey begins with a modification of the legendary Shiva Shidapu’s, aka Erez Aizen and Jörg Kessler, version of Shiva Devotional. That sends frequencies which open the gates to an Astral World created by Static Movement and Pragmatix, aka Jorge Uema. The functioning Is so smooth and overwhelming that it seems like it is operated by Intelligent Machines, however, human and spirit forces are the driving force of this trek.