Psychedelik.com welcomes his new partner, the chinese label Goa Productions.

To Kick off 2015 with a bang, GoaProductions have turned on tuned in and pulled out 8 slices of seriously Psychedelic dance music.

As always a reflection of the musical journey you might encounter at one of our parties, but also an unencumbered cross section of music from within the current scene.

Proceedings kick off with “Neurons” a deep chunky groover courtesy of Predators.

Followed by Mexican maestros Ecliptic & Tron‘s “Parelelle“, deep techy progressive Psy.

Solar Spectrum’s “Less Gravity” is a hypnotically driving atmospheric track.

Then Atoned Splendor takes things up a notch with “AR53“, where analog sounds and pounding rhythms combine to create a monster sound.

Andromeda” from Black Noise moves things into the realm of no-nonsense fullon with mesmerizing arpeggiated riffs and a slamming 303.

Then we have “The Neuromodulator” from brand new act and latest addition to the GoaProductions family of artists Ingrained Instincts, definitely one to watch out for.

Label favorite Braincell is right on the money as always with “Analog Force”, deeply psychedelic havin’it music.

Finally everything is wrapped up with Audioform’s remix of Lucas’s track “Now & Zen” and what a remix it is. Audioform has stamped his style all over it from top to bottom and come up with rip-roaring psychedelic adventure of a tune.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

调整你的频率吧,GoaProductions用8首风格各异又充满分量的迷幻舞曲隆重地踢开了2015年的大门。除了在派对上带给你奇妙的体验,这些曲子也作为一个风向标,始终令你保持在当下Psytrance领域的前沿。开场曲目来自Predators,他的低音线条深邃又富有律动。接下来是墨西哥的大师Ecliptic & Tron带来的标志性声音。Solar SpectrumLess Gravity氛围感很强,可以让你的神经稍微放松一下。AR53,感受Atoned Splendor的节奏带来的杀伤力!Black NoiseAndromeda用反复的琶音 加上猛烈的303声音,把我们引向Fullon!下一首曲子“The Neuromodulator”来自GoaProductions大家庭的新面孔Ingrained Instincts, 这是一个值得引起关注的新名字!至于我们钟爱的Braincell,又献出一首新曲“Analog Force”!最后用来收尾的曲目,是AudioformLucas的“Now & Zen”做的重新混音,Audioform用他自己独有的风格让这首经典曲目大变身!

The tracklist features 8 tracks including…


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Ecliptic & Tron – Parallele

Solar Spectrum – Less Gravity

Atoed Splendor – AR53

Black Noise – Andromeda

Ingrained Instincts – The Neuromodulator

Braincell – Analog Force V2014

Lucas – Now&Zen (Audioform Remix)