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Tomorrow is Friday! 🙂

Time for a new session on

This month, we celebrate label 24/7, the growing label from Austria managed with style by Raphael & Andreas. I mostly talk to one of them, the other one is touring worldwide.

One Function - Back to my rootsBefore this friday, let’s introduce One Function, the new progressive project that will be released next monday on Iono Music. You’d better check the demos. It’s killer.. just like Pascale says. You know Pascale, don’t you?

So, be ready for an excellent EP 2 tracks. Pure vocals in “Imagine Yourself” :-p Let’S Dance, 2015 Spring season is getting closer.

Jenia Arkeman is from Tel Aviv and was graduated from BPM College after a 2-years’ course. A place to visit in Israel…

Still dreaming of Jerusalem. Stop-overs in TLV where really short. But I know that I’ll discover this city with my friend Sijmen someday 😉

So, Jenia is not a newcomer in the scene. He has started to get into it when he was 13 and has produced Unicode. He released a few tracks on Blue Tunes Rec. but also Amplidudes, and recently on Audioload and Iboga Rec.

It’s gonna be released on monday Jan. 19 on the major download platforms distributing Iono Music.

Don’t look for it in our shop… but we will stream it next week on Progressive by Psylvain. You’re gonna love it =)

Let’s get back to friday’s session.


24/7 presents his 2nd chapter of his first sessions on with Makida’s new set.

I’ve published an intro to the Serbian duo behind Makida in december 2014, if you’re interested, you can read it here.

Music Over MatterAfter their excellent album “Measure of reality“, their new track Body & Mind will be released on the VA “Music over matter” compiled by DJ Mark from Expo Records, a new label from South Africa. Expect it on Jan. 26th.

On Jan.16, you will stream to their new Live Set 2015. I will really appreciate the heat during my stop-over in Boston. Damn! -19°C… Hopefully, Makida brings 60 minuts of psytrance to warm this winter weekend. Maybe a bit early at 21:00 GMT+2 but we will replay it.

And after all, better be too early than too late! 😀

This Live Set is a collector! And what a final!!!

Talking about replay, we will schedule Plasmotek after Makida, just in case you missed last friday.

Both of them will be at the Label Party that was announced for April 4th in Zürich (Switzerland).

Just to let you know what’s happening on that night.

Waiting for the official flyer… 😉

◙◙◙◙►♫♫ LINEUP ♫♫◄◙◙◙◙

♫♫☞ Live on Stage ☜♫♫

★ Plasmotek – FR
★ Mindfold – AT/DE
★ Brainiac – UK
★ Makida – SER
★ Astralex – AT
★ Madmind – FR
★ Ilai – IT
♫♫☞ DJ’s ☜♫♫★ Riff Ruff – AT
★ Microdot – AT
★ Hugo Nation – UK
★ Effim (TesseracT Studio)

😎 Maybe we should take monday off!!

Join us for the #streaming session

Next release on 24/7 is coming on Jan. 23rd 2015

Mindfold - Revisions
Mindfold – Revisions EP

The ‘Revisions’ EP brings about two different takes from the ‘Mindfold’ back catalogue.

Both tracks have been tried and tested with excellent dancefloor results, which bring fresh angles to two of Mindfold’s most classic tunes.

A driving and powerful, morning psychedelic remix of ‘Antiamphetamin’ from the UK’s ‘Sonic Species‘ and a deep and darkish, progressive version of the tune ‘Feel Alive’ remixed by Mexican duo ‘Genesia’.

A must have release for anybody who enjoys the Mindfold sound whether DJ or avid fan.





News from the station

In february 2015, Synthetic Minds from the Netherlands will open the 2nd residency on Live&Mixes channel. We will present his show in a few days.

Every 1st friday : Psylon Psynapse by Dean-O-Matic from Canada.
Every 2nd friday : To be announced soon.

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