Plasmotek streaming session

Plasmotek and 24/7 have teamed up in January 2015 to stream the new tunes of the austrian psytrance label.

Ready to stream?

On Jan. 9, Plasmotek is on the Live&Mixes stream so you’d better tell your speakers to play his new set LOUD!

Plasmotek aka Thibaut L was born in 1983 and grew up in Paris, France.

His musical career began at the age of 5 when he decided learn piano at a Parisian music school.

At a young age Thibaut had an open ear to several genres of music such as metal, indus, ebm, rock, jungle etc…

While travelling to Koh phangan Thailand, at a beach party he made his first encounter with psychedelic trance. This was the sound that Thibaut had been searching for all his human existence.

At this moment in time Plasmotek project was born, and was anxious to get back to France to build the studio to begin composing his own creations and sounds.

Thibaut began djing in Paris’s local underground trance parties.

I’ve found a quite old flyer (ChandraKanta 3) where Plasmotek was playing as Anthares crew. R.I.P Man’s! So much nice memories! We are all #underground!

Plasmotek Lifted

In 2005 he released his first track on Mandala Rec and shortly after Plasmotek live was ready to rock international dance floors.

in 2008, he produced his debut album “Lifted” a collection of 9 mind driving tracks also released on Mandala Records.

He started to produce for psytrance labels such as Fractal Records (Switzerland), Wired Music, Mandala Records (France) and of course the Austrian label 24/7.

Plasmotek’s recent and upcoming releases

In 2014, Plasmotek has released a few new tracks because he was working on his upcoming album SOULWIRE which will come in 2015 on 24/7.

He has collaborated with Chromatone on the track Hexidecibel (Compilation Darklines 2 on 24/7).

He has remixed the track Intergalatic, originally written by Killerwatts & Waio.


Darklines 2 #streaming session.

Thanks to Raphael from 24/7 crew for his help for the session and to Thibaut for his set.

Really cool to welcome Plasmotek for the 1st time on our streaming sessions.

His set is pumping my brain, I hope you’ll like it.


Facebook event : dedicates this session to freedom of speech.

We, as a community of psytrancers, have to fight sometimes/often to be free to party, to be free to live our own psychedelik lives.

On Jan.7th, 2015, the team of Charlie Hebdo has fallen because of stupidity and inhumanity.

We were all shocked and we are very sorry for their loss.

“I am not afraid of retaliations. I don’t have kids. I don’t have a wife, no car, no credit. It may seem pompous, but I’d rather die standing than live on my knees.” Charb Director of Charlie Hebdo 2012.

But think about the future!

Fight for your freedom and don’t let them use this terrible event to take a bit of your freedom in the name of the war against terror.

Because, when this very emotional moment will pass, most of those who seem to be “united” for freedom will ask for more control of your personal life, datas, privacy, Internet… in the name of… Charlie?!

Don’t let them to that in the name of Charlie!