Protonica – Floating Point

Protonica - Floating PointOn jan.12, Iono Music released the new track Floating Point produced by Protonica.

Protonica are Piet Kaempfer & Ralf Dietze from Berlin (Germany).

Back in 2012, their album Form Follows Function was one of the best of the year.

It was a masterpiece in my opinion of psytrancer but also of runner.

Perfect tunes when you love to get up early to run when the sun shines.

And it’s one of my favourite pleasure beside psytrance. It’s dark, you can feel the pulse of a city that starts its day, you’re one with the elements and then the sun enlightens your life.

With Floating Point, you recognize Protonica‘s typical sounds on the first seconds. Uplifting is probably one of the best word to describe this incredible track.

Psylvain will add it to the Progressive channel, so you will taste it by yourself.

If you love the music, get quality tracks.


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Protonica’s website


Thanks to iono Music and Pascale Cerise for the promo.