Universal Hippy by Sensogram

Phoenix Groove Records returns on Psychedelik.com with a cool EP.

Let’s be Universal Hippy!

TSensogram - Universal Hippyhe Greek progressive label starts the new year with Universal Hippy, a 2-tracks EP produced by Sensogram.

Sensogram are Alex Karanasos & Simon Revill.

The duo Live Act created a bridge between Greece and England. Their debut album Parallel Minds came out on Phoenix Groove Records in 2012. You can refresh your memories!

If you’re a frequent flyer on our streams, you know them of course. Their excellent album was only the beginning and they’ve produced around 20 tracks and remixes in 2013 and 2014.

I got in touch with Alex last year… very nice psytrancer, good spirit, not those who think that they’re Gods or so… As a promoter, I always try to follow what’s next on the label’s partners and what’s the next move with the artists. They were back to the studios to have their 2nd album done for 2015.

Universal Hippy is an original track that reflects what could come soon. Pretty dynamic production.

The 2nd track of the EP is a remix of Under the tree.

The original track was a collaboration between Zyce and Kingpink that you discovered in March 2013 on the stream Progressive by Psylvain.


You can follow Sensogram on their Facebook.

Stream the track on Progressive by Psylvain.

Support your artists and get the high quality tracks. Good DJs play only high quality tracks such as wav.

Don’t try to find this EP on the Psychedelik.com shop! Its a shame, I know! Major download platforms where Phoenix is distributed will be the right place to go.

But, on our shop, you can find free mixes, teeshirts and hoodies. When you buy there, you help the webradio and you can support DJs.

And I will end the post with a big hug and thank you to our friends of Phoenix Groove Records for the music they share years after years… since… oulala… a long time now 😉

Will 2015 be the year of real hugs in the real life? I hope so..

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