French Plaisir 3

French Plaisir Volume 3


Iono Music released the compilation French Plaisir 3, a selection made by the french DJ Drenan.


French Plaisir 3

“This is the 3rd chapter of IONO‘s most successful compilation series. One more time french master mind DJ Drenan has collected 10 previously unreleased tracks for your musical pleasure. You will find deep, soulful and funky vibes that rocks you back and forth while exploring the musical universe IONO Music is well known for.

As being one part of trance project Cyklones Drenan has played almost every major festival. And with no doubt he is one of the most experienced Djs. Always bringing the right sound to the right time, he knows how to seperate the unique from the masses of progressive trance tunes. His mixing skills are the same high quality like the tracks he is choosing carefully for his sets.

Now he is proving his brilliant taste by presenting this compilation which comes along as a row of fresh names as well as well known artists. This collection will be part of many dj bags for sure.

Dont miss it !!!”


01. Alpha & Omega – Stay hungry stay foolish
02. Ilai – Another Space
03. Side Effects – Shape Shifter
04. Helber Gun & Mirok – The Perfect Drug
05. Roger Rabbit – Surreal Station
06. Zyce – Experience of life (Sonic Sense Remix)
07. Fasma – Union
08. Osher & Krunch – Silky Smooth
09. Reverse – Predator
10. SiLo (SA) & Humerous – Rough Journey


(Torrance – California – Feb. 5th, 2015)
This morning, I woke up early and grabbed my gears for a run on the beach.
Time for some action, my new Asics Gel Nimbus 16 need some asphalt and sand. Synchronization of my good old Garmin Forerunner 405 and it’s a go!
After a nice intro track, my body starts to follow the tempo of Drenan’s choices. I love vocal samples on psytrance tracks. A lot of them are coming from movies. There was a nice website called Psychedelic Mind Expander that collected them but it’s not maintained since.. wow.. 2011! It was a great website made by Andrzej Tarski from Stockholm Sweden.

Side Effects made a great track called Shape Shifter. We had the chance to stream their set in october 2014 on the Iono Music streaming sessions.
A powerful and darker track produced by Helber Gun and Mirok, a talented japanese artist from the Grasshopper Records crew.

Lots of TB303 effects are one of the features that you feel on French Plaisir 3. Pumping your soul to an other dimension, like Rogger Rabbit did on Surreal Station. I don’t know much about Rotem Doron who is the producer behind this psytrance project, but I’m sure that Pascale, the booking manager, will invite him for the next Iono streaming session. OH! There will be an other session… I hope so! I love Iono Music’s vibes and it’s always a pleasure when their artists share a mix with progressive lovers.

The spirit of India, motherland of Trance Goa, is revealed on the remix of Zyce’s Experience of life by Sonic Sense. And you? What’s your experience of life? What did you understand? Do you have time to seat sometimes and to think about it? You should 🙂 Beside of the harmony that we can live on the dancefloors, isn’t it nice to share our feelings about life while our minds take over our bodies. Spliff spliff.

Let’s take some time to introduce Fasma!

Fasma aka John Paraskevas comes from the progressive scene of Greece. Oh! The World talks a lot about Greece in the news. The Greek people have been really injured by the financial crisis that started in 2008 in the US. All the sins of capitalism were focused on this ancient country, the craddle of democracy. In reaction, the youth have started to get more involved in the psytrance scene, a new generation of artists is born, either on progressive or ambient. When life becomes harder, of course, you need to breath and our scene is one of the best way to think about a new world. Because we share the great values of Peace, of Love, of Unity and of Respect.

Fasma will be on Friday streaming session in Febuary 2015. Thanks to Pascale Cerise !

Union is one of my favourite track on French Plaisir 3. Stay tune for more…

DJ Drenan has selected an outstanding collection of tracks. He is also one of the resident of the H.O.T parties in Paris France.
HOT Fevrier 2015Fabrice Rackam, the manager of Gaia, has finally brought back Psytrance to our temple, the Gibus club.

Drenan plays there every month, and as you can see, on Feb.6th…

But Drenan will also be on in February 2015, on Friday Feb. 20th!

Let’s end the compilation’s with Reverse. This artist comes from Phoenix Groove Records, The Greek Progressive label. His album “Animalistic” was a nice revelation in 2013. Predator is a more … what I call uplifting track.. melodic tunes that you want to hear when the sun is awaking.

Finally, Drenan closed French Plaisir 3 with a collaboration track between Silo and Humerous, morning call! The journey ends in Cape Town – South Africa. One of the biggest scene for psytrance music. They raised such incredible artists and for sure, Silo and Humerous share the good vibes.

Is it the end?

Yes.. it’s time for me to pack my stuff and to fly back to France.
Torrance’s stop over was nice but it’s time for a few vacation from my job.
Don’t expect to meet me on board your flight 🙂
But see you at the end of February in New York city for 20 hours. Every minuts count.
If you want to share a drink, you know where to find me.

That’s what I want to do when French Plaisir 3 ended.

Clap my hands, I can..

Give a warm hugh to Pierre and the artists for this great moment.. it will come soon 🙂