Full Propulsion Live Set 2015

Full Propulsion 2015Psychedelik.com is connected to Loose Records Japan.

On Feb.27th, we will add his new Live Set 2015 to our Mixes & Lives #streaming channel.

Full Propulsion

Co-founder of Loose Records, Full Propulsion has been producing dance floor destroyer tracks since 2007, releasing and performing since 2009.

Originally from Portugal and currently in Japan, he bridges the gap between the East and the West, blending Western and Oriental sounds into pristine quality production music stories.

Full Propulsion released several tracks and organized events in Tokyo under the name of Psy.co between 2010 and 2012, performing along prominent artists like GMS, Mad Maxx, Ace Ventura, Major 7, Vibe Tribe, Talamasca, Electro Sun, Didrapest, Astral Projection, CPU and Absolum.

In 2013, he co-founded Loose Records with Loose Cannon, bringing together a team of renowned and upcoming artists worldwide, supporting them with promotion and audio mastering.

Live Set 2015 (February 2015)

Enjoy the Live set on Psychedelik.com #streaming Live & Mixe.

1st broadcast – Feb.27th 2015 – 22:30 GMT+2


1. Plastic Sensations [VA Level UP]
2. New Fountain [EP Patterns]
3. Full Moon Patterns [VA Macro]
4. Tricky Times [EP Get on with it]
5. Breaking Patterns [EP Patterns]
6. The Addictive Way [EP Patterns]
7. Front Burner [VA Sons of the Sun]
8. Microstar [EP Existence]
9. Brasilian Pizza [EP Get on with it]
10. Rebirth [EP Get on with it]
11. Implanted DNA Remix [Dual Filters]
12. Time Off [EP Get on with it]
13. Just Trying [VA Syntonized Fields]