Friday, March 6th, 2015 : Katharsis Live set

“Catharsis (from the Greek katharsis meaning “purification” or “cleansing”) is the purification and purgation of emotions—especially pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration”. (Source : Wikipedia)

Beyond Katharsis

Katharsis is Tomer Alon, a 29 years old DJ from Tel Aviv (Israel) who is Also Known As Electro Vision.

This new progressive trance project has been released for the 1st time on Plusquam Records. The debut EP was No Problem (25 Jan. 2013).

His style combines tribal sounds, vocals, sitars, ethnic vibes & unique melodies. His Live set on the Eclipse streaming session shows you his talent.

On July 20th, 2013, he released 3 exclusive tracks on Spiritual Atmosphere for Utopia Records.

Katharsis-Bit off mantraThen came the collaboration with the label Savva Records on Sep. 2, 2013. On the occasion, the Swiss progressive label released “Bit Off Mantra”.

This EP has revealead the production skills of Tomer and his delight for progressive BPM.

Two tracks “Chandra Mantra” that you will listen in his mix and “Arambol” which was produced in collaboration with Vibe Slims and that you will find at your favourite download platform.

Arambol was imprinted on “We are in trance vol.9” and “Addicted” a label’s compilation that came out on Savva Records for Xmas 2013.

On Feb.24th, 2014, he was back on Savva Records with “Holy Mind” a new 3 tracks-EP.

This time, he has shown his fan “Oxigene 27“, the 4th track of the Live set that we streamed on the Eclipse streaming session.

He also worked with Vibe Slims (again! 🙂 on the track “Baraka” and with Sykick on “The Big Bro“.

Let’s get more into the discography of Katharsis.

On Aug.8th, 2014, two great tracks “The Good Life” that opens his Live set on Psychedelik.com friday #streaming session and “Africana” recorded with New Age.

The quality of his productions has started to be well recognized by the scene. It’s simply a fact when your tracks are imprinted on other compilations than your original release. That’s what happened with Baraka and The Big Bro.

On Nov. 11th, 2014, Katharsis was released on Phantasm Records, one of the well-known psytrance label. Each release of this label is awaited by his fans and “Time Travel” was a great shot. Toy Machine and Katharsis made a perfect match musical production.

Katharsis - Sab Kuch MilegaHo, ho! We’re getting closer to 2015.

Last release of Katharsis in Nov. 2014 was “Paramanta” on the 3rd volume “Magic of the sun” of Savva Records. This compilation was the 10 Years Anniversary of the label.

Katharsis has started the year 2015 with “Sab Kuch Milega“.

He has reached 7th position on the chart of Beatport.

It’s only the beginning.

Let’s talk about his Live set recorded for the progressive fans and listeners of Psychedelik.com.

First of all, I would like to thank Pascale Cerise and Tomer Alon for this session.

I’m a fan of psytrance but I’m also a runner. I love to listen to the promos when I run. Music is my drug. When I run, especially on mornings when the sun shines, there is a moment that you may also have experimented. The flow of endorphins brings your minds to a new level of consciouness. It’s a perfect state beside parties to listen to psytrance and especially progressive tunes.

I was lost somewhere, fighting against jetlag with a nice run near the sea.. and I really enjoyed Katharsis.

Keep it up and follow your path…


1-Katharsis-The Good Life

2-Katharsis-Funktion one

3-New Age & Katharsis – Africana

4-Katharsis-Oxigene 27

5- Katharsis-Paramanta

6-Katharsis Vs. Sykick-Acid Trip

7-Katharsis-One Puf

8-Katharsis Vs. Vibe Slims-Baraka

9-Katharsis Vs. Sykick-The Big Bro

10-Katharsis & Toy Machine-Code Red

11-Katharsis-Chandra Mantra

12-Katharsis & Toy Machine-Fast&Furious

13-Katharsis & Toy Machine-Insane Reality

14-Katharsis & Toy Machine-Time Travel

15-Katharsis & Toy Machine – Different Story

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