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deep_tripOn March 8th, 2015, Kick Bong will share his new set on our streams Ambient by Yuman and Live & Mixes.

Join us at 22:00 GMT+2



2-Kick Bong and Unhapiness-True Love

3-Kick Bong and Unhapiness-Lullaby

4-Unhapiness-Private Stash

5-Romare-Jimmy’s Lament

6-Beatfarmer-Gone Beyong

7-Kick Bong and Squazoid-After the Storm

8-Tripswitch-Collider (Squazoid Rmx)

9-Squazoid-The revenge of zzze mosquito

10-Koan-The Ghost Train

11-Tianya-Sound Strider

12-Kick Bong and Squazoid-Deep Trip


The weekend is almost over, it’s time for ambient.

How was your week?

Franck Jousselin aka Kick Bong has released an EP with his friend Jeremy aka Squazoid.

It’s the Deep Trip that came out on Cosmicleaf Records on Feb. 9th 2015.

Kick Bong and Squazoid conspire to delight us with this 2 track EP on Cosmicleaf Records full of fresh energy.

The first track called Deep Trip is a nasty little electro-tinged journey into deep groovy beat-patterns. It’s covered with plenty of sparkle and joy which makes it a great track to end a warm-up set and leave the crowd ready for a long night.

The second track, After the Storm, brings us back home with warm handpan percussion, dreamy pads and soaring oriental melodies. The steady yet laid-back beat makes this one the perfect vibe-setter for cocktails and sexiness.”

Kick Bong - The Lost ValleyComing soon on Cosmicleaf Records

April 20th, 2015

Kick Bong – The Lost Valley